The Hottest Thing on So You Think You Can Dance So Far

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So we brought you one of last night’s worst performances from So You Think You Can Dance. Now how about one of the best?

Meet Brandon Bryant, who — unless some catastrophic event takes place — is going to the finals. (Also: How hot is this guy?)

Seriously. Watch this routine.

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  • Shabaka

    Hot…hot…hot!!! Is he sure he’s 18?? Hot still!!

  • Derek

    If by hot you mean girlie and fem – yep he sure is hot.

  • alan brickman

    very hot!! don’t sound fat and jealous now…

  • fredo777

    His dancing was hot, but I’m still waiting for the Danny, Neil, Kameron, or Pasha-type hotness of last season to show up this yr.

    – sigh –

    Too bad they didn’t advance the terribly arrogant but equally beautiful Italian Stallion, Jon Anzalone.

    At least we get to see the sexy (and slightly fur-chested) Jeremiah Hughes for a while longer.

  • hisurfer

    Out of synch? Mary’s mouth was open, but the scream came 5 seconds later.

  • parisinla

    OMG… Jon was hot but a total douche… I cant imagine having sex with him…
    Okay mabey sex but hed have to be gaged and tied down…. hmm..

  • fredo777


    I know, Paris, that Jon was cocky to the point of absurdity. Still, the shallow side of me doesn’t much care. I just wanted to look at him move around that stage.

  • An Other Greek


    and kinda profound…


  • Muckaluck

    If any of you might notice, at the very end of his piece, he was brushing a tear out of his eye. As a former modern dancer, I can tell you why, because what he was doing was tapping into something profound.

    The combination of the music and his choreography, was about the nexus of literally trying to free one’s spirit.

    As a black man, this dancer understands freedom in a way ANY gay man should ‘get’ right away. I was so deeply moved both when I saw it on TV (and the sound issue is THIS recording’s problem only) and again just now watching him again.

    The cute, somewhat silly way he came off in the interview is 180 degrees off of what he showed in his performance. That, my friends, is called MASTERY.

    If those Haters out there had anything going for them, they might not feel the need to bash this guy. Haters always start at home.

    Not that I’m immune to his physical desirability, but come on; this is one of the most gifted human beings most of you will have ever seen, and the best you can do is dish and swoon?

    Sexy isn’t just an accent, It isn’t just a ‘butch’ voice. Sexy is someone who is that much in touch with his body, that much in touch with his spirit. He might be 18, but he dances like a seasoned dancer of 40.

    Unless something amazing happens, we all just got to see the Winner audition.

  • hisurfer

    The clip on youtube is a bit more in synch.

    I wish it was a sharper video, though! This guy really is amazing. I didn’t catch the tear until Muckaluck pointed it out. I hope the kid goes far.

  • Raf

    Wow. The Requiem for a Dream score was an interesting choice – it accompanies one of the most powerful parts of that film. He captured its emotional intensity very well.

  • James Seawell

    No no no no no no….way too fem.
    Nothing attractive there.

  • Conner Reaves

    UNFORTUNATELY the catastrophic has happened… Brandon is one of my good friends from home in Miami and a week and a half ago he broke the news to all of our old dance teachers and friends that he was cut during the las vegas part of the auditions and didnt make the final top 20. it is unbeleivable to us all be cause brandon is the most well rounded dancer i have ever met in my life. which could have been his downfall since he is already so versatile coming into a show where the judges like to watch amazing dancers in a specific genre improve and push themselves in styles of dance they aren’t as comfortable with. let’s just say there is no dance style foreign to him. at first i thought he was messing but it’s definitely true because all of Miami knows now and we arent happy!!!

  • hisurfer

    I think Conner is a FOX plant trying to mislead us.

  • Conner Reaves

    No hisurfer, im not a plant from FOX. im just a loyal viewer of this website and i didn’t expect for there to be an entry on my friend Brandon. trust me all of our friends are confused as to how it could happen but if you don’t believe me i guess you’ll have to keep watching to find out. (no im not a plant for FOX trying to keep you watching the show hisurfer) i figure you all should know what i know since so many people have become fans of his and would be dissappointed to find out later because it is such a shock.

  • Winter

    I agree w/Derek.

    “I hate when they look like Tarzan, but sound like Jane.”

  • hisurfer

    SO, you’re posting a spoiler then because … ? Why? That’s poor form.

  • KB

    I was very moved by this performance and think he is exceptional. I’m shocked that people would call out this dude out for being “too fem.” Please step up and show us how to do this dance routine more masculinely, if you can do it at all. He has a big career ahead of him, and he has a great smile and winning personality to boot.

  • fredo777

    Yeah, I also could have done w/o the spoiler on this contestant’s fate in the show.

    As for the comments about “femme” guys not being hot, I find that train of thought really irritating. Esp. coming from other gay men.

  • JJskyy

    Who cares about this so called “spoiler”.
    If it is indeed a lie, then I for one will be ecstatic to see what this dancer has in store for the show.
    If it is the truth and this dancer did not make the finals, well then I will be freaking pissed and find a way to let FOX know. Actually thanks for the heads up I’ll start finding a way to get in touch with FOX right now, if it comes to that.

  • fredo777

    People who want to watch a show w/o having too many details about said show spoiled for them care about so-called spoilers. It’s just common courtesy not so “spoil” a show w/o a fair warning.

  • Shabaka

    He’s HOT in my books!! “Jane” voice and all!!!

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