The HRC And Ford Go On A Hot Date

Gay Ford Ad.gif

The HRC has announced that they and seventeen other GLBT groups had a two-hour meeting Monday at a Washington hotel. From what we’re culling from various sources, the HRC has given Ford a day to reverse its decision to not advertise in gay magazines (not a smart move by a company that needs all the business it can get).

HRC Pres., Joe Solomonese says that in the meeting, Ford was asked to put out a “very strong statement.” Translation: Put back your ads in our magazines or we’ll stop buying your Jags and Range Rovers, which, based on our informal WeHo survey, we’ve surmised gays make up at least a fifty percent market share.

That’s something we’ve asked all of you car-shoppers to do already.

Gay Groups Ask Ford to Reinstate Ads [MSN]

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