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  • randy

    I want to drag hypocrits into the light of day just as much as the next guy, but is this the way to do it? Who started the rumor that Perry may have had sex with another man at some point? It’s gonna get ugly.

  • christopher di spirito

    Geoff O’Connor was widely reported in the Texas media to have had a sexual relationship with Gov. Rick “I’m a Prophet” Perry.

    This was after Perry wrapped up his duties as a cheerleader are Texas A&M University.

  • alexis

    This is an old rumor around Austin at least…

  • Cam

    It’s about time the gay community started fighting fire with fire. Glad to see this ad.

  • christopher di spirito

    Did everyone see the pictures of Perry going down on the 12 inch corn dog last Sunday in Iowa? That guy can unhinged his jaw and take that wiener all the way to the nut sack!

    You’re not born with skills like that. It takes years of practice.

  • Lars Eighner

    These rumors have gone around for years, so whoever did the ad gets no points for originality. The last time the rumors were on everyone’s lips everywhere was just before the NJ Gov. story broke, so I suppose the Perry rumors were dropped because people thought the rumors had confused governors.

    What is on the public record is that Perry’s “close” aides tend to get rich when major state contracts are let, such as running the toll roads, or when Perry does something spectacular like announcing HPV vacinations would be mandatory for little girls (something he did not have the power to do).

    The truth is, the Texas governorship is constitutionally weak. It isn’t fair to credit or blame the governor for most of what gets done. It’s patronage in the appointment of regulatory boards and commission that make the office a sweet deal for the gov and his close buddies.

  • The Indomitable Z

    What’s with the Star Wars font?

  • Fitz

    I am sure that the GOP has carefully vetted him.
    If there was a male lover at one point, I am sure he is MIA.

  • christopher di spirito

    Perry sure looks a hell-of-a-lot older than 61. The skin on his face is all crepey.

  • JQD

    I think No 7’s comment is the one that I share the most concern with. Who did their layout?

  • Robert in NYC

    Just what we need. If this turns out to be just rumor and nothing else, it’s going to fire back on us. It will only enable the right wing religious to make political hay and denigrate us even more. I could accept the ad if there were evidence to support the claim, be it gay or straight.

  • Abel

    No man will come forward, you can take that to the bank. There might be a woman or two.

  • Tony Renna

    who the hell would wanna have sex with rick perry , least of all admit to it ??????the time will come for these over critianized biggots to eat their own words , and well all be there to see it . you know what they say about people who live in glass houses ???? :)

  • Cam

    @Robert in NYC: said…

    “Just what we need. If this turns out to be just rumor and nothing else, it’s going to fire back on us. It will only enable the right wing religious to make political hay and denigrate us even more.”

    And how will that happen? It’s finally about time that we started launching the same attacks others have before. The only people that they will be able to make hay with are the ones that already hated gays.

  • rachel

    guys, these rumors have been flying for at least eight years, and nothing has ever come of them. i hate the smarmy bastard as much as anyone, especially considering that the only way he’s ever leaving our governor’s mansion is winning an election for a federal office or dropping dead, but i really do believe that if there were flames in his past, someone would have followed the smoke by now.

    that said, it still made me laugh.

    also, christopher: calling A&M yell leaders “cheerleaders” is a serious insult to cheerleaders everywhere, and i say that as a ring-wearing aggie.

  • Idi Amin Dada

    @Fitz: Like they did Palin?

  • slanty

    Isn’t that the font for the Star Wars crawl?

  • hephaestion

    Rick Perry sure hates gay people a lot more than your average straight guy. I think you have to have a lot of questions about your own orientation to hate gays as much as he does. Plus, he’s pretty darn prissy.

  • Tony

    It takes one to know one…..anyone else’s gaydar off the charts ?? Perry is soooooo gay. It’s so obvious.

  • Jim

    I feel fuckked over by Obama for three years. Do I when a prize?

  • ewe

    I might be completely wrong about Perry but my gaydar is not going off. Or should i say on? I don’t pick up that he is a gay man and the way he speaks and acts i am grateful for that.

  • ewe

    @Jim: Although there are not enough prizes to go around we must remember that before the Bummer there was the evildoer spinning on an orange and yellow green and red axis of terror evildoing and being completely incapableabull.

  • randy

    Rumors are one thing; proof is another. If someone can come forward and is credible enough, it can sink his career. the tough part is the credibility part — he would have to be specific enough about the encounter and recall details that can be verified for it to hold water. Otherwise, it’s just rumormongering.

    But it’s worth a try!

  • David Gervais

    He’s a Republican isn’t he? Easy odds that there is an extra hot dog in his past.

  • ewe

    @randy: well well well. Am i to assume you approve of witch hunts as long as your goals are met? That sounds very dangerous and it will no doubt backfire on minorities.

  • ewe

    @randy: It sounds like what you are saying is that as long as the person involved is credible and armed with a false rumor about someone being involved in homosexual sex then that will meet your objective of ridding this country of a presidential candidate and you would be just fine and dandy with that. As long as the seed is planted that promotes homophobia and hatred toward gay people then that’s ok with you? Sounds just like the republicans you say you are against.

  • markymark1

    Rick Perry is NOT a hypocrite. He has said he is not for gay marriage personally ,but respects states rights to legalize gay marriage., He said he had no problem with the state of New York legalizing gay marriage. Now, why do you have to pick on Perry who is for the rights of gays, and others? I am a Christian but believe gays have a right to live as they wish without discrimination. . I would not marry another woman, nor would I want my sister to do so. But that is others rights who believe so. Just because one is a Christian it does not mean that the person is always a closed minded person. Perry has even been under attack by conservatives for defending gay states rights. Perry’s attitude is very giving. Leave him alone. And even if Perry had a gay lover, what business is it of yours? It is no more your business than it is for others to know who YOUR lover is. The bottom line is Texas is the only state in the nation in which the economy has not declined drastically during the recession. All major Texas cites are the top cities in the USa where people have been moving for jobs. This is not the sign of a governor and his administration that do not know what they are doing. Perry has said Texas needs no Arizona immigration law, though he respects Arizona’s right to do this as a state. Perry is for the hard working, honest immigrant, and is non racist. Unlike Obama, who in the primaries proclaimed his white grandmother showed ‘typical white behavior.’I am a Texas resident. Obama left many poor Texas residents with no help during the recent fire disasters, Perry, Senator John Cornyn, and Kay Bailey Hutchison asked Obama to reconsider, Hundreds of acres and homes were lost, Obama said no and never showed up in Texas, One can verify this by downloading Texas news channels. . What USa official do you know who would have gotten away with this arrogance> When Perry held his Christian rally in Houston recently, he asked God to please guard Obama and his family. This showed nothing but class on the part of Rick Perry. Obama had deliberately snubbed Perry and Texas residents who disagree with his policies. Dictators throughout history have had a habit of punishing people who disagree with their policies. Guess who?

  • Steve


    Rick Perry did say, years ago, that he supported “states rights” to make their own marriage laws. “States rights” was the code-word that the bigots used during the 1950’s, to oppose “civil rights” for black people. It means that each state has the RIGHT TO DENY civil rights to minorities, even rights are explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution. If some states choose not to do so, that is part of “states rights”.

    However, Rick Perry has said, much more recently, that he is strongly opposed to any form of equal rights for gay people. He has stated that he supports a Constitutional Amendment to prevent gay marriage, and to undo it in the states where it exists.

    The man is a bigot, and a liar, and a hypocrite.

    If he has had extra-marital affairs, they should come out. I would be very surprised if he has not.

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