The Husband-Wife Team Behind Connecticut’s Gay Exorcism


The disturbing video of a Connecticut “church” priestess exorcising a gay demon from a teenage boy that we told you about this month? The backlash from gay organizations and the religious community has begun.


Manifest Glory Ministries’s husband-and-wife team Patricia and Kelvin McKinney uploaded to YouTube clips of them and other adults trying to cast out from a young man what they believed was the devil (which is responsible for making people gay, you see). Shortly after we reported the story, Manifest closed its YouTube account, deactivating the videos (though they were uploaded to another account). When Fairfield Weekly asked about what was going on that day at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn, Patricia said the reporter “could not possibly understand what went on” and that the video showed “just a small portion of what we do.”

Miss the videos? Watch them here.

Fox TV’s WTIC reports on the exorcism:

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  • James E Bradford

    Uh…that Calvin guy is pretty gay. As in a homosexual demon.

    Also…The Flying Spagetti Monster wants everyone to know, and I quote, “Whether it be thee peg or thee parrot ye be wanted ter suckle, Ye are all welcome here!”

  • edgyguy1426

    I hope that kid is gonna be ok.

  • osocubano

    Sure he will, he’ll probably become a minister and perform his own exorcisms.

  • zaine lee

    If the kid was forced into this then it is totally wrong. As a gay person and a person that believes EVERYONE has a right to conduct their religion how they please. If the boy wanted it to be done because that is his believes, then honestly it’s not our business. Remember gays freedom for ALL not just US!

  • Bruno

    @zaine lee:

    But let’s not forget that he’s a young boy who’s gotten his information all his life from these authority figures. We don’t allow teenage boys to “choose” to have sex with adults without consequences for the adults…why do we allow them to “choose” to be mentally and physically abused by adults who want to somehow change their sexuality?

  • Thom Freeheart

    I didn’t know that this even existed. Black people live in Connecticut?

  • SFNative


    You know, I actually hope the kid is gonna be ok.

  • SFNative

    @Thom Freeheart:

    Yes. Black people live in Connecticut. Also Hispanics and Asians.

  • TANK

    Ima put some chicken bones in a soup can and toss ’em on the ground….and read the bones. It’s called HOOBAJOO! Pay me.

  • galefan2004

    @zaine lee: The last time I checked, stupidity is not a freedom. The law puts you in the hospital when you want to kill yourself. This isn’t any different. We have every right to want this kid to change his own stupidity, and that makes it our business. The law has the right to act in the best interest of people unwilling to act in the best interest of themselves. It stops people from doing drugs and jumping off of buildings. It should stop people from taking beat downs in the name of jesus as well.

  • Booth

    Not really the point, but why were they using microphones, are demons hard of hearing?

  • galefan2004

    @Booth: It was to encourage the “good christian” crowd to “love” on their “brother in need”.

  • rick

    they had a nurse wearing rubber gloves at this thing. it was the most amazing part of this video to me.

  • Jay Pat

    that reminds me of that one true blood episode…

  • keithg

    @zaine lee:

    “As a gay person and a person that believes EVERYONE has a right to conduct their religion how they please.”

    This is exactly the kind of weak, politically correct, inclusive bulls**t that invites Mormon bigots to take away our right to be married in California. What if the beliefs of the religion are harmful to you and your way of life? They don’t care about you, why should you care about them? We need a lot less wimpy politeness and more backbone in the gay rights movement. Unfortunately too many people who have balls are not involved in the political movement (probably too busy doing meth and getting barebacked in a bathhouse) and too many who don’t are… wake up! THEY HATE US AND WANT US TO GO TO HELL… gay people need to start getting militant, fighting fire with fire, and not being so loving to our enemies, like a bunch of Christs looking to be crucified.

  • dlpca

    @keithg: I agree whole heartedly! Well said.

  • TANK


    And this is the attitude of every goddamn religious “moderate” alive. Well said.

  • chapeau

    WTF – WTF – WTF !!! Religion is so f’d up !!

  • Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell

    @TANK: HOOBAJEW is the correct spelling. You aren’t fooling me Tank. The part about getting paid is what gave you away.



  • kace

    @TONYA: I’m pretty sure it was a dis to Connecticut, not black people.

  • kace

    @kace: oh, and how can you not be outraged by this video? it’s abusive!

  • TANK


    Isn’t it obvious? We should learn by example: care about ourselves and our group, and that’s all.

  • RandyS

    I am so thankful for these people. I am 38 and i have had the same demon as long as i can remember. Maybe they can help me. They need to drive the fat demon out of the lady, it seems to be eating her.

  • Edwina

    I’m sure this young man will be fine. Praise God somebody believes in deliverance. We need more ministers like these you get some sickness out of this nation.

  • I pliss

    @Edwina: oh go fly a kite in a lighting storm! We need people like you to be mute and have no limbs so you can speak or type! then go ask your GOD why WHY WHYYYYYYY.


    @Edwina: amen girl!!!

  • Kinsey6

    How funny these whackos want the so-called and alleged “spirit of homosexuality” to be cast out in the name of Jesus when it’s very clear that Jesus was most likely gay Himself.

    Saying that living as a homosexual is a “lifestyle” is like saying that being African-American or having red hair is a “lifestyle”. Furthermore, gay people are born gay — created that way by God Himself. And since God is perfect, doesn’t make mistakes, and is love, then the same obviously can be said about those He creates to be gay.

    Someone needs to tell this Christohet Supremacist porker of a preacher that she needs to be freed herself from the demons of Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s and Wendy’s and Burger King and Dairy Queen and Taco Bell.

    For this woman to say that any gay person who’d want to attend her church (I can’t believe there is ANY gay person who is that much of a masochist) would have to be “delivered” is no less offensive (not to mention preposterous and absurd) to gay people than some other church saying that black people could only attend only if they agreed to be delivered from the evil spirit that is making them black.

    These people at this den of demons they call a church (aka the “Manifest and Glory Ministries Church”) are simply ignorant, uneducated simpletons and bigots. But they are also dangerous as well, and no child or anyone under the age of 18 should EVER be allowed to be near any of these people. It wasn’t any demon that got this heterosexist preacher lady hooked on crack, or on heroin, or made her leave school far before she should have, or turned her into an enormous tub o’ lard. It was her own weak and flawed character, her own inability to engage in critical thinking, her own lack of willpower, her own dearth of any internal fortitude, her own broken character, her own lack of education, her own stupidity and ignorance, and her own personal character flaws. Blaming all this on some “demon” is simply a farce and a cop out, and she needs to learn to accept responsibility for her own actions — both past and present. Anyone holding themselves out to the community as a pastor should especially have learned by now the importance and necessity of accepting responsibility for their own actions rather than ascribing their mistakes to “demons” (Sarah Palin felt the need to have some preacher from Kenya come to her church and lay hands on her so that she’d be protected from “witches”. See a pattern here?)

    HOW ON EARTH can this self-righteous, pious, condescending Christohet Supremacist have the audacity to tell ANYONE else what they should do in their own lives when she won’t even accept responsibility for her own past actions (not to mention all those she harmed while on drugs — and one wonders just how well she’s made amends to all those that she harmed) and instead tries have others believe some cop-out that her chosen behavior was due to some “demon” that caused her to do crack and heroin (is it some demon that causes her to eat like an army too??). She ADMITS she is a “RECOVERING ADDICT, RECOVERING CRACKHEAD AND A HEROIN ADDICT”, so she’s obviously been to jail/prison before and is a convicted criminal (one can only wonder how long her rap sheet is).

    Before placing herself in a position of authority where she’s telling other people how to run their lives, she must accept responsibility for her past and obtain an education. If she had an education, she’d know that there’s absolutely no such thing as a “homosexual demon” or “demon of homosexuality”. Furthermore, it’s her own lack of education and the spreading of ignorance about gay people that gives license to other uneducated people to go out and commit acts of violence against innocent LGBT people (which is why we must have federal hate crimes legislation passed!).

    She complains that the publicity from this video has made her out to seem like a murderer. Well, in a way she is. It’s these same stupid, ignorant, uneducated beliefs of hers that give other stupid, ignorant, uneducated simpletons the impetus to go out and assault/bash/murder LGBT people. Telling people they can be “delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit” from being gay is not only evidence of her own ignorance and stupidity, it is no different than telling someone they can be “delivered” from being tall or black or Irish or having blue eyes.
    It’s impossible, period. It is also an insult to God too. Since God doesn’t make mistakes, criticizing his creations is telling him He made a mistake with 10% of the population.

    And since homosexuality is perfectly normal, accepted as such by all major psychiatric, psychological, sociological & pediatric societies, has always been extant for as long as humans have been walking the earth, and is observed in countless animal and insect species, and since the earth cannot sustain the continual growth of the human population anyway (we are on what’s known as a “J-shaped curve” with earth’s population — and there’s no one to blame except the heterosexuals), it’s time society start ENCOURAGING people to be gay (not that we can make heterosexuals turn gay any more than we can make gay people turn straight, but an enormous percentage of the population can and does have the ability to be bisexual and to therefore be in monogamous, loving relationships with their own sex). This would be an especially good idea for smug, pious, corpulent, ignorant, uneducated, fat, narrow-minded Christohet Supremacist preacher-bigots since the world particularly needs less people like these pushing their ignorant views on others.

    This preacher in particular also says she’d know someone was “delivered” (proof they were no longer homosexual) if their “lifestyle changed”. This may come as a surprise to some, but being gay is not a “lifestyle”. And what about celibate gays? If they had the so-called alleged “gay demon” “exorcised” from them, how would she know they had been “delivered” from that “gay demon”???

    The vast majority of gay people are just regular everyday, boring people who blend in so well with heterosexuals, it’s impossible to know who is and who isn’t, even for many gay people.
    And let’s just take for example, those who are on the gay rodeo circuit (yes there’s not only a gay rodeo, but an entire gay rodeo circuit). Assume that hundreds of these guys were to have that so-called “gay demon” exorcised from them. How would she know by their supposed subsequent “lifestyle change” that they had all magically lost their attraction for men, and developed an attraction for women???

    Rodeo bullriders and cowboys don’t get much more stereotypically macho than they already are. Yet Preacher Porkulent claims she could tell that they’d all just magically turn into beer-drinking booby-grabbing vagina-eating heterosexuals if they’d just roll around on the floor for a while while she commanded those nasty ‘ol evil homo-demons to get out of their bodies and go somewhere else.

    So just how exactly would she be able to tell by their subsequent sudden “lifestyle change” that they were now bona-fide breeders? And what about all those proven biological, neurological, and physiological differences that have been proven to structurally and chemically differentiate gay and straight people (e.g., the eye blink rate, penis length difference, I.Q. score difference, finger length difference, prenatal hormone level, Simon LeVay’s INAH3 hippocampus size study, etc., etc.). And remember, for a long time we have known that there is a structural/chemical difference between gay and straight men because sexual orientation remains unchanged after all brain activity has been temporarily halted (by brain cooling or deep anesthesia, for example).

    But I suppose that when they drive that “gay demon” from one’s body that all these biological, neurological and physiological differences just somehow magically instantly alter themselves in the body (and know exactly how much to alter themselves) so that they’re now in accord to a straight person’s body?

    And another thing, just where does preacher-bigot get off assuming that just because someone is gay that they’re miserable and don’t want to be gay? I for one am perfectly happy that I was born gay and nothing against straight people (after all, if not for straight people we wouldn’t have gay guys, and with all the beautiful gay guys in the world, I feel quite indebted to them for producing so much beautiful eye candy), but I wouldn’t want to be straight for all pf the proverbial tea in China!

    Whether everything has a spirit or not is debatable. What isn’t debatable is taking any of God’s beautiful gay children and saying their innate soul or deepest being is in any way “trapped”, or even worse, trapped by something akin to alcohol abuse or crack cocaine abuse or heroin abuse or the act of committing adultery. Being gay is a *GIFT*, and it’s time society begins to see it as such. Remember, some of the greatest minds in human history were those of gay people… Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Aaron Copeland, Frederick the Great, Peter Tchaikovsky, King James I, Elton John, Greg Louganis, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Whitman (writer), Oscar Wilde (writer), Tennessee Williams, Hadrian (the guy who stopped the practice of feeding christians to the lions… boy did we get burned on that one). …and so so many more.

    Preacher, heal THYSELF!

  • Anne

    This young man made a choice to join this church and take part in this ritual. It was his choice. He is of age to do so at 16 yrs. old in that state? It is none of your business unless he was forced against his will! I wouldn’t have done that but it is not my life!

  • Anne

    I would not have done this but this young man made a personal choice and has a free will, he was not kidnapped or forced so it is really none of our business, unless someone forced him to do this! In America you have freedom to choose your religon or none at all, even Satanist is untouchable because we have freedom to practice our religion unless it was by force or coercion and did extreme unwilling bodily harm. This young man agreed to this by his free will. It is none of our business as crazy as it seems. You are meddling in a personal affair and choice!

  • Anne

    The Age of consent for sex and other things is 16yrs old in some states. Was this the case, if not it changes everything. African Americans tend to be very spiritual and pro-the bible. Where were his parents. They have not filed a law-suit against this Church, that ought to tell you something!

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