The Incredibly Fit Trainer Who Opted to Get Fat

If you’re like us, you spend a number of hours each week trudging to the gym in a fetal attempt to have Dwayne Johnson’s arms, Matthew McConaughey’s abs, and Neil Patrick Harris‘ tiny waist. (Hi Neil!) Or, if you’re like a certain fitness trainer who just grew so tired with his Adonis body, you forfeit your gym membership, begin a diet of bacon and cream sauce, and bloat yourself into a pudgy version of yourself so you can identify with fat people.


Paul “PJ'” James is that guy. And we hate him. Not because of the social experiment he’s manipulating his body for, but because he had the body we could never achieve and gave it up. BY CHOICE!

The former model and current trainer made it his New Year’s resolution to pack on the pounds so he could better relate to his clientele. The Daily Mail reports:

‘I was finding it difficult to relate to my overweight gym members so I have decided to crank up my weight to experience life as an overweight person,’ said the 32-year-old, who trains at a gym in Melbourne.

After an inaugural meal of four doner kebabs, the Australian trainer has stopped his daily routine of exercise and is fattening himself up on a carbohydrate-heavy diet which includes pasta, cream sauces and chocolate.

The former teetotaler now drinks a couple of beers every night to help gain weight.

He hopes to hit 20st by the end of March.

He then aims to spend the following three months at the same weight, to show overweight people that it can be done.

Finally, he plans to resume exercise so that he will be back to his former trim self by October.

‘I have always been telling my clients who have come through the gym’s doors that weight loss shouldn’t be difficult, but it has reached the point where I can’t relate and by doing this it should make me a better personal trainer,’ he said.

Well aren’t you just a martyr.