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The Incredibly Homoerotic Ke$ha ‘Tik Tok’ Remake By 3 Absolutely Not Gay Twinks

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Mike, Aaron, and Ryan are “NOT GAY, we just like having fun, making videos of ourselves singing remakes of songs. We’re out to make anyone laugh, and no we’re not gay, once again. Purely straight and only straight. We are just out to have a good time, and stir up a few giggles here and there.” Glad that’s settled! Even if at least one of you will be A Gay within 18 months. Now, on to the homosexual tradition of remaking female pop star singles.

(Okay, we watched this video again — yes, we only skim some of the things we post on this website — and is that one guy in blackface? Or pretending to be an over-tanned juicehead? What’s the point of either?)

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  • Mike L.

    Well that’s most likely blackface, b/c Ke$ha references Pdidy(sp?), I wonder if they’re australian LOL (b/c of the incident with Harry Connick Jr in Aussieland w the Jackson 5 impersonators-Ok I try too much).

  • Mike L.

    Uh did they have to say “that was gay” at the end when they were doing gayface throughout the vid?

    It was kindda sucky though. At least they had fun and ppl will absolutely not think they’re gay.

  • CHIP1218

    That is bronzer…he is trying to be guido.

  • SouLKid

    There are people who find this funny?
    oh well….

  • alan brickman

    straight guys can like music too…or is it a crime now too?….

  • hardmannyc

    Wow, that song majorly sucks.

  • Danielle

    I don’t understand why you have to tell everyone you’re not gay. People can act however they want regardless of their sexual preference.

    “You mean, I can wear bronzer and a Gap polo shirt and have it nothing to do with liking vagina or ass! OMG!”

  • tofer david

    totally trying to be guido not black face.
    one of them must be gay.
    then again the choreograpy is horrific.

  • Klyphe

    I’m not really surprised by this video as according to that cruiser they used in the video they live very near where I grew up. Plenty “no homo” moments in that area…. As well as retarded straight boys.

  • kristopher

    They are trying to have the next gay remake video like the boys that did the Miley Cyrus video Party In the USA. Nice try, but not good enough. If you have not seen the Miley remake i highly recommend you watch it. HILARIOUS!! Search ‘Party in the FIP/Party in the USA on youtube.

  • Sean

    That is super gay.

  • Joseph


  • Caitlin

    Why even bother posting this? It’s horrible.

  • Jeff

    One of them suffers from major gayface, and the other two are very questionable. Where did they get the cruiser?

  • Sam

    Wait. Is this that whole “I’m not gay because I’m still a virgin” thing Morrissey tried to pull in the 80’s? ‘Cause you boys are GAY!

  • cj

    guido…really? major denial denial here
    this video is classy just like queerty

  • Guy Branum

    That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Crush Jesus.

  • Michael

    2 of those boys are definitely gay and the 3rd one seems to not be pushing straight either. It’s one thing to gay guys to make a video “pretending” to be gay but if you’re going to come out with proclamations about how “not gay” you are then you need to be called out on the obvious.

  • uhm

    has anyone else noticed that the volume control on queerty’s flv player doesn’t work?

  • Jay Pat

    …maybe their just Christians/virgins.

    …okay theyre gay.

  • B

    No. 7 · Danielle : “I don’t understand why you have to tell everyone you’re not gay.” … you do if you are a Republican from Idaho who got caught in a restroom stall allegedly playing footsies with a police officer rounding up all comers, guilty or not, as part of a sting.

    Note: this video is getting hard to find – it is being censored on youtube for an alleged copyright violation even though it is a parody. Youtube blames something called “Web Sheriff”, My guess is that it was killed for political reasons.

  • Endless Men

    LOL at 3:22 !

  • Mr.Jones

    This happens when America´s youth have no jobs. Too much time on their hands. They need to get laid.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    Sweet Minty Jesus!

    This is so Ghey!

  • james

    Who are these miss honeys pretending and lying to? Um…gay knows gay and these boys in my eyes are oh so gay! There’s a very natural way about the things they do in this video that’s not pretend!

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