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The Incredibly Homoerotic Ke$ha ‘Tik Tok’ Remake By 3 Absolutely Not Gay Twinks

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Mike, Aaron, and Ryan are “NOT GAY, we just like having fun, making videos of ourselves singing remakes of songs. We’re out to make anyone laugh, and no we’re not gay, once again. Purely straight and only straight. We are just out to have a good time, and stir up a few giggles here and there.” Glad that’s settled! Even if at least one of you will be A Gay within 18 months. Now, on to the homosexual tradition of remaking female pop star singles.

(Okay, we watched this video again — yes, we only skim some of the things we post on this website — and is that one guy in blackface? Or pretending to be an over-tanned juicehead? What’s the point of either?)

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