The Inevitable Nanny Reunion on Happily Divorced Is Here


From the moment we first heard about Fran Drescher’s new TVLand sitcom, Happily Divorced, we were excited. First of all, we still stop to watch Nanny reruns on Lifetime, even though we’ve seen every episode 12 times.  Secondly, TVLand’s Hot In Cleveland has managed to capture what’s best about the situation comedy without feeling tired or old-fashioned. And lastly, the premise—a middle-age woman gets dumped by her husband after he comes out, but they remain frieds—had potential.

We weren’t thrilled with the debut episode, but like a foot fungus you pick up at the bathhouse, the show has grown on us. We’re definitely going to tune in to this week’s episode (the season finale), when Drescher’s old sparring partner Charles Shaunnesey (a.k.a. Mr. Sheffield) pops up as a potential love interest. But for Fran or her light-in-the loafers hubby?

It was kind of a given Shaunnesey was going to make an appearance: He’s dropped into her previous sitcom, Living With Fran, and her ill-fated chat fest, The Fran Drescher Show.

We’ll totally plotz if Renee Taylor pops up in the Season Two premiere.

Catch the Happily Divorced season finale Wednesday, August 17, at 10:30pm.