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The Insitution of Marriage Is Like a Country Club That Doesn’t Let Blacks or Jews Join

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Sarah Silverman just drew cheers from a slew of gay Americans — and, perhaps, some uncomfortable squirming from heterosexual newlyweds planning their spring weddings. Because the comic has highlighted what this nation’s draconian marriage laws have created: an exclusive club for a certain class of people, from which others are barred.

“Why would you get married right now?,” says Silverman. “If you’re for equal rights, why would you get married right now? It’s like joining a country club that doesn’t allow blacks or Jews. There’s no difference Why would I join that club? It’s gross.” Which, notes Joy Behar, is a “perfect excuse” for anyone who doesn’t want to walk down the aisle. Heh. Stop avoiding eye contact, you guilty ones!

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  • mike.

    I’m amused that the first robo-ad that appears on this entry is “Make your wedding special with popular wedding flowers.” The heart, it hurts.

  • Jill

    This stupid video player NEVER works for me.

  • Jon

    @#2-Jill . .You’re not alone. . .Why embedd a YouTube vid into another format that won’t play? .. Crash.

  • I pliss

    I thought it was just me! it never works for me either! grrrrrrr

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Thanks, Sarah Silverman. I hope more straight people refuse to marry. The gay community needs the help of the straight community too. Thank you for your words and show of support. Hopefully you won’t need to wait years.

  • rf

    Actually Sarah had been saying that back when she and Jimmy were together. I remember Howard Stern talking about it and Kimmel might have been on his show. it was the same time Brad and Angelina said they wouldn’t get married until gays could. unfortunately, brangelina decided their kid’s need for married parents was more important than sticking up for gay rights…

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Why? Because they can. We want to too.

  • Desch

    @RF- Wait, when did Brad and Angelina get married? How did I miss that?

    They are not married- I just looked it up.

  • rf

    @Desch: I’m sure you’re right. last year was that big rumor that they did it in NOLA and i don’t follow them enough to really care. So maybe their pledge still stands.

  • alan brickman

    she’s right…it’s just that simple and they could donate money to gay teen suicide programs….

  • alan brickman

    don’t accept gifts just suggest money could be sent instead to charitys that support equal rights for gays…a lot of money could be raised this way….

  • Herbo

    The View panel clucking seems to get quiet when Sarah throws this out…

  • Kieran

    And the supposedly progressive ladies in the View audience gave Silverman an under-whelming, half-hearted smattering of applause for speaking out in support of gay marriage. Nice.

  • Lukas P.

    Yea Rah Sarah! Having her comments on the View reaches more of “middle America” than anything “Gay Inc.” does. The audience may not “get it” the first time, but hearing that during daytime TV, and even —dare I say— hearing Ellen talk about Portia in the afternoon and celebs speaking out DOES get *our presense* in front of Uncle Lief and Aunt Edna and Mrs Cohen two doors down.

    Never underestimate the power of our straight allies.

    Thank you Sarah –and, my personal belief, you’re TOO good for Jimmy K.

  • Shae

    I love Sarah, i watched the sarah silverman program from season 1 and did not even know she was for gay marriage. She is the best and funny as hell!!!

  • hephaestion

    Bravo Sarah! Silverman tells it like it T. I. Is!!

    Silverman for Pope!

  • Michael

    YES! this is what we need…people like her giving this powerful punch at the anti-gay or cautious-hetero communities. I believe gays need to stop flailing our arms distastefully and let our straight allies do most of the extreme work of penetrating the minds of anti-gays. Most everyone, gays included, are more likely to listen to those of “like” association.

    Not saying, of course, that gays shouldn’t be active and forward in our demands, but the most potent bite and the most influential statements come from our straight allies…those who know us and truly understand us but still live in both “worlds.”

    Thank you, Sarah! Equality will be reached. It is just a matter of time. Sarah knows this…we know this…those who oppose us know it too. It is the future, and it is coming only as quickly as we tell it to come.

  • Tommy

    I’m all for equal rights, but I think her suggestion is kind of silly. Do you seriously think that if all the straight people who support gay marriage refuse to get married that the conservatives who are against gay marriage would all of a sudden change their mind and legalize gay marriage?
    It seems kind of churlish to me. Do you want all the straight people to not to be able to celebrate their relationship because we can’t?
    It seems to me to come more from a place of vindictiveness than love and inclusiveness. It’s saying if we can’t have something, we will make sure no one else is allowed to have it either.
    How about encouraging straight people to get married in the states that do allow gay marriage instead of a state that doesn’t allow it, rather than refusing to get married at all. That is more positive and inclusive.

  • Noelley B

    Betrothed straight girl says: As someone raised in the gay community (two moms, first Pride parade attendance @ age 7) gay issues have always been pretty important to me, I’ve been following the Prop 8 trial voraciously, but this idea never occurred to me. Should I hold off my wedding until gays can also get hitched? One of the best days of my life was when I attended the wedding of some close friends of my mother (they’re practically family) back when Portland was handing licences to gays in 2004, and I doubt they would resent my own happiness when they see me do the same next year. If civil unions were an option for opposite-sex couples, I would definitely opt for that, because marriage should be a religious ceremony. I’ve known gay people who are married in the eyes of their church, if not their government. Straight people, too.

    If I were to opt out, when would I opt back in? When it’s available to gays in my state (Washington)? When it’s available to all US citizens? When it’s available to all humans? Might as well say I will stop speaking my mind and practicing religion (or lack thereof) until everyone has those rights, too.

    This is definitely a noble stand to take (and an easy one if you haven’t the option) but not one to foist on others. I’m doing everything I can (writing my elected officials, voting, staying informed, talking to others I know about this issue) to help promote equal marriage rights for all people.

    It kinda hurts to have it implied that I don’t care about this. I do. There are so many people I love, people who raised me, who are made into second class citizens by this issue. The queen who taught me how to do my nails died of AIDS when I was 10. My babysitter and I talked about the trouble with schoolmates finding out about our moms. This is my family, my mother, my friends.

    Meh, maybe I’m just too sensitive, have a little too much guilt from privilege. (Straight is the new white!)

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