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The Interactive Map To The World’s Largest Penises’s self-reported penis sizes put Denmark’s gays ahead of every other country in terms of member length. But what about men as a whole: Where are the longest dongs hanging out? In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, if this is to be believed. Click map to enlarge [via]

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  • Todd

    What a spectacular marketing concept.

  • Paul

    I have been doing my own research. As part of it I have been to Denmark countless times. While I believe that the Danes are the most beautiful people on the planet and have considerable length down there I don’t think that they top the charts…..

  • Kevin

    The Republic of Congo (or just Congo) is not the same as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Craig

    @Paul: Danes are the “most beautiful people on the planet”?

    Wow, that’s not racist much. *eye roll*

  • Jeffree

    @Craig: it’s really only the albino Danes that interest Paul: the other ones just have too much pigment for his taste.

  • bbg372

    I am going to have to call bullshit on this.

    To quote one of the comments at the link, “How is it possible that a country which has historically received a higher proportion of its immigrants from ‘smaller-ranked’ countries . . . should itself receive a ‘larger’ ranking than a country with proportionately more migrants from [‘higher-ranked’ countries]?”

    I am certain the comments to this article will be filled with contrary anecdotal evidence.

  • jonny

    Tis true what they say about Danes…. very true. Beautiful and gifted in the size department. I’ve done considerable research on the matter. :-)

  • sil

    I am colombian and trust me colombian dicks arent that big!!!

  • Craig

    @Jeffree: Exactly and Paul is a racist. Pretty sick racist nonsense how everyone mentions the Danes in this map when most of the dark green areas are in Africa and South America. But they focus on the Danes and call them the most beautiful people on Earth? Is it about endowment or race?

    Racist ass white gays.

  • Jeffree


    go to hell

  • Craig

    @Jeffree: Sorry but you aren’t Jeffree.

    And hell is dealing with you white gays. You repeatedly show yourselves to be unabashed racists, just like in this post. Don’t get angry at the fucking messenger.

  • Jeffree


    No, I’m Jeffree.

  • Jeffree

    @Craig: One way to tell that wasn’t me: (except the first post). I am longwinded, lol, and never leave just a couple words as a drive-by posting.

    My personal choice for great looking guys? Israelis and Lebanese. I like strong features….Their skin tones range all over the place. As for the size of the “unit,” that doesn’t really matter much to me.

  • Craig

    @Jeffree: Yeah, I’m aware of how you post, so I knew it wasn’t you.

    I believe there shouldn’t be any racial choices at all, and that the entire spectrum should be celebrated. Writing something like “Danes are the most beautiful people in the world” is inherently race-based. If you have those preferences then keep them to yourself. Simple.

  • Devon

    Yeah you mean old white gays…Unless your definition of beauty is a 70 year-old, morbidly obese, paraplegic, intersexed Ethiopian, you’re just a bigot.

    It’s not like people are allowed to have preferences or standards or anything like that. No no, you must be equally attracted to everyone at all times, or else you’re a racist.

  • ron

    There is nothing more beautiful than a tall fit young euro male. You can keep all the mongoloid and negroid inferiors.

  • niles

    Dominican Republican should be dark green.

  • Craig

    @Devon: No, not really. You’re clearly just a racist, period. That’s a racist straw man’s argument you just used.

    @ron: LOL! Priceless…and thanks much for the honesty. If only more white queens had the balls to be honest and say what you just said.

  • TheDarkChariot

    @ron: Fuck you. Actually, no I would never fuck you. Go to hell.

  • Devon


    Yawn. You PC race-baiting types are so tedious.

    Someone has a different standard of beauty? “Racist!”
    Someone has a set type they prefer to date? “Racist!”
    Someone disagrees with you on what is and isn’t racist? “Racist!”
    Someone doesn’t like the same pizza toppings as you? “Racist!”

    Different people like different things. Put the race card away and deal with it.

  • Craig

    @Devon: Well you definitely got the first and second “someones” right. Congratulations, there might be hope for you yet.


  • Devon

    Lol I don’t even have to try, you just keep on proving everything for me.

    I love it.

  • Craig

    @Devon: Same here, don’t even have to try. Racist.

  • bbg372

    Is Craig not racist for presuming that Paul is Caucasian? If Paul is of African descent, would Craig still consider Paul to be racist for finding Danes to be most beautiful? Sorry, Craig, your racial biases are showing.

  • Craig

    @bbg372: Yes Paul would still be racist even if he was of African descent and/or any other fucking descent. It’s a RACIST claim to make no matter who it’s coming from you dumb bitch.

  • declanto

    Does Craig think I am also a racist if I think he is full of excrement? If I like exclusively skinny black dudes who hate me ’cause I’m white, am I a racist or just plain f’Æ*ked-up?

  • bbg372

    @Craig Whether the ethnicity of Paul affects how you view his statement is a legitimate, albeit rhetorical question; the answer does not change that because you automatically presumed him to be Caucasian, that you are as guilty of the racism of which you accuse others, you dumb bitch.

  • Craig

    @declanto: You’re fucked up, just like that lame ass example you gave.

    @bbg372: I don’t give a fuck what I automatically presumed, it’s still a racist statement, no matter who it’s coming from, like I already said. It just so happens that white queens are the ones who typically make statements like that, whether you like it or not. Dumb bitch.

  • bbg372

    @Craig That you do not care that your presumption makes you a racist, does not change that it indeed makes you a racist; as further evidenced by your racist generalization of “white queens” whom you condemn for making racist generalizations.

    Moreover, you accuse others of being racist, when in fact, it is you who is racist; and you accuse others of being dumb, when in fact, it is you who is dumb—How does it feel to have revealed yourself to not only be a dumb racist, but also a hypocrite?

  • luke

    i’m not racist, but my penis is

  • declanto

    @Craig: I am so over being surprised every time somebody like you pops up with the big “R” card. Disagreement is a valid human condition. I don’t feel obliged to like your ass any more than you’re liking mine. You have an obvious insecurity issue here. Get a grip. My lame ass example is a simplified example of your very own twisted logic. @Devon: Thanks for your precise illustraation :-)
    Craig, drop dead.

  • redball

    is there no information on that map website about HOW THESE DATA were obtained? Are we to assume that they’re self-reported data?

    It’s poor science reporting to not present basic information about data collection.

    About the racism: HELL YEAH, the gay community can be racist as hell. For example, if you compare two Morning Goods models (or any models on these gay news blogs) who are equally attractive but one is pigment-deficient and the other is dark-skinned, you will often see a lot more attention and praise given to the former. On a related note: LOL at all the talk of Danes when THE REAL ACTION is clearly down in the Southern Hemisphere (That is, if you’re into big meat, which not everyone is, which I guess is good b/c everyone whether big, small, medium, needs a market.)

    The gay community would do well to see beauty in men of all colors. Instead, what we often see is silence about the beauty of men of color and, sadly, this really impacts some men of color b/c we do not see our beauty validated by the wider culture. I know this for a fact because I am good friends with many black men of color and some of them have mentioned this to me. And then there is racism in other forms, such as in Towleroad’s comment page for last week’s news about the fight on the NYC subway…where people threw around comments about blacks using terms like “jungle” and stereotyping all blacks as ghetto. To wit:

  • Craig

    @bbg372: It feels GREAT, you dumb, racist white queen.

    @declanto: You racist white queens can drop dead. Nothing you say to me will change the fact that you are a racist so you and bbg can just stop projecting your insecurity and denial about that onto me.

    @redball: No one here is going to agree with you and see the logic of your post, no matter how right you are, because (you guessed it) they’re racists.

  • scott ny'er

    @redball: i don’t think your example is an example of racism. People are attracted to what they are attracted to. I know a man who digs woman who have big butts and are shapely. Some might say they are over-weight but he digs the bootie. I don’t think he’d feel the same way towards a Gyneth Paltrow skinny-women, he likes his M’onique-like women.

    I think it’s similar with ethnicities. Some peeps like dark skin, some like light skin, some like almond eyes, some like round eyes, some like blond hair, some like black hair, some like ’em fat, skinny, twink, muscular, big dicked, little dicked. I think you get my drift.

  • Craig

    @scott ny’er: What a fucking stupid, racist cop out comparison, usually performed by white queens to justify their prejudice and racism.

  • redball

    @scott ny’er:

    “People are attracted to what they are attracted to.” Yes, but what if they’re attracted to those things because of underlying racist beauty standards?

    That’s a much more interesting, challenging discussion.

    I really think there is some bleed-over from the general racism (blacks are “ghetto” or “jungle” whatevers) into the beauty-specific racism of systematically finding certain skin colors less attractive.

    Psychologists have been showing for a long time now that people are inculcated with racist thought processes, as can be demonstrated with implicit association tests. I’m not a psychologist so I’m not going to go much into this, but I took some courses in college and this was powerful stuff they were able to show.

  • redball

    And to clarify what I mean by “underlying racist beauty standards,” I’m talking about racist beauty standards that are prevalent in the wider society–whether it’s one’s family, friends, the educational system, media, etc.) (After all, these attitudes come from somewhere.)

  • bbg372

    @redball Describing a light-skinned person as “pigment-deficient” is racist.

    Psychological research suggests that people are most attracted to others who look like them. Likewise, the white Morning Goods model receives more responses, because the majority of Americans are white.

    A white man who is not attracted to a black man, or if you prefer, a black man who is not attracted to a white man, is no more a racist than a gay man who is not attract to a straight woman is a misogynist, or a straight woman who is not attracted to a gay man is a homophobe.

    That the beauty of men of color is often not validated by the dominant culture is not the result of racism so much as it is a reflection of the traits valued and shared by the dominant culture; and as the composition of the dominant culture changes, the traits shared and valued by that culture will change accordingly.

  • redball

    @bbg372: The research may show that; I’m not aware of it, but if so that’s a great point. There’s also the “exotic becomes the erotic” story where people are attracted to people who are very different. So both things are probably happening although the dynamic you mentioned is probably a bit stronger. My “pigment” comment was a lame attempt to counterbalance the pervasive racism I see in this community. But you’re right, it was uncalled for.

  • redball

    And I still think your point doesn’t deal with mine that general racism inflates the proportion of white ppl who date only whites. There will always be those people but are there MORE due to the influence of racism. My point still holds.

  • Frank

    Let me start off by saying that it’s funny that this article got over 5,000 views. Two things though. One, I don’t think it’s necessarily racist to prefer to date one race over another. It can be prejudiced, but not always racist. There is a difference. What is racist though is the way that people choose to express that preference. I’ve heard more than a few people say some downright awful things when being approached romantically by someone of a different race,and I would bet that you all have heard them too at one point or another. Secondly, I believe that you aren’t born into being attracted or unattracted to another race. I think it’s something that often is learned overtime. Case in point, in America gay black men don’t get much attention in the gay scene from many other gay men who aren’t black and if they do it’s mostly from guys who are considerably older then them. However much you choose to deny it, a lot of that is a result of the negative perception of black people throughout America; perceptions like how the majority of blacks are poor, lazy, ignorant, loud, ghetto, angry, or always thinking the world owes them something. It’s a totally different story in places like Europe and Australia. I’ve never had so many men, black as well as other races, hitting on me in just the three years that I’ve been here. I’ve had guys who looked like models, and I’m talking about Italian Vogues models, wanting wanting to get to know me better. I really think it’s mostly because gay Europeans don’t view black American’s the same as gay men do in America.

  • Walker

    I hate to change the discussion to, you know, the article, but I just wanted to point out that this is self-reported data. So it doesn’t prove anything about endowment- just about who is insecure enough to lie the most. And even they aren’t- we’re talking a range of

    Frankly, as someone who doesn’t think it’s racist to have a “type” but doesn’t actually have one himself (I have pretty much messed around with representatives from the entire UN at this point), I can say anecdotally that any ethnicity that claims major differences, as a group, in penis size, is either lying or sadly misinformed. The biggest dick I’ve ever seen personally was on a beautiful Taiwanese guy who used to cut my hair and appreciated my tip. The smallest was on a black guy who actually had the audacity to brag about his cocksize before taking me home and then was embarrassed to realize that the lily-white boy he was planning to fuck had two inches on him. (I didn’t send him home, btw, but I did feel bad that he felt the need to lie.)

    I have seen big and small in all races, religions, and ethnicities. The fact that people are still even discussing this in the 21st century shows how insecure people are.

  • bbg372

    @redball While racism affects how one selects mates, it does not necessarily influence one to select mates of the same ethnicity. Some people are influenced to choose mates of a different ethnicity because of generalizations, perceptions of status, and feelings of entitlement as related to members of a particular ethnic group.

  • Craig

    @bbg372: That is pig shit! How the fuck do you compare disregarding an entire race of people to sexual orientation? You really are a dumb bitch, I really wanted to believe otherwise but now it’s clear that it’s true.

  • bbg372

    @Craig You disregard an entire gender, but you do not regard that a misogyny, so why do you make an exception for ethnicity? That is right, because you are dumb and a racist. You have dug quite the philosophical hole for yourself, and I do not see anyone in this thread rushing to help you climb out of it. Perhaps that should tell you something.

  • Craig

    @bbg372: You’re a fucking moron. By definition and birth you are a gay man. What that means fucker is that you aren’t going to be attracted to women naturally. You cannot in any way equate that with skin color racism and prejudice, which is something you acquired. By your ridiculous logic, every straight person is born homophobic and anti-gay because they are born straight. You stop and think about that and shut the fuck up until you realize how stupid you sound.

    And I don’t give a fuck who does or doesn’t help. In the end you’re still a fucking oblivious racist and these weak ass comments won’t change that.

  • bbg372

    @Craig Human beings are most attracted to others who look like them. That is not racism, that is millions of years of evolutionary psychology. To characterize that attraction as a form of prejudice is almost as appallingly stupid as you continue to reveal yourself to be.

  • Mr Miracle

    Has Craig considered that one of the reasons white guys might not be interested in him is because he calls them all bigots?

  • Craig

    @bbg372: FULL. OF. SHIT!

    @Mr Miracle: Listen fucker I don’t call anyone a bigot unless they give me a reason. And Paul, bbg, and the others have clearly shown themselves to be racists and bigots.

  • declanto

    @Craig: It’s TRUE, Craig, we’re ALL Racist white queers who don’t want to have sex with you–NOT because you’re a shrill, reactionary, insecure feeb, but(YES) because of your DENSE PIGMENTATION. Isn’t it refreshing and invigorating to learn that you are, after all, the ONLY ONE ON THE PLANET who is faultlessly, racially correct and perfect in every way?
    I am also astonished you know sooo much about me! Have we met??? Do you visit Denmark often???
    Please note, I am not calling you names, impugning your intelligence or using profanity. Nor am I implying that your socially deficient behavior is learned OR inherited. Some people are just , well, born that way. I’m grateful it remains unusual, but wish you could find comfort in like-minded people. It must get terribly lonely.

  • scott ny'er

    @bbg372: Thank you. A logical, voice of reason person.

    @bbg372: I’m glad you’re bringing this up, and glad to see the response. Because as you can see, all forms of intelligent discourse won’t be happening from the response you got.

    @redball: That’s an interesting point and I thought of that. I do think that media may, and I stress may, be influential with some, but I also think attraction is complex and it’s inherent as well.

    To add to my earlier point, if it’s racist to not see some people of certain races desirable, then I suppose it’s ageist to not see some people of certain ages as desirable (and that means ages of 15 to 100, from really young men, to really old men). It’s simplistic thinking.

    @Craig: You said usually. Good thing. Because there ain’t no white person on this end.

  • scott ny'er

    @declanto: Dense pigmentation. Loves it. So funny.

  • redball

    @scott ny’er: I’m actually not so convinced about the parallels you draw b/w racism and ageism.

    Age and race are very complex but for different reasons. Age, for example, is tied up with issues of compatibility in the life course, whether u desire and are young enough to have children, etc, etc. I need to think abt it more b/c this is really interesting. But I think the comparison b/w age & race is off.

    But anyway, I think racism currently affects to WHOM many ppl are attracted, so it is not at all simplistic to say that, yes, there is an element of racism at play for some people who see individuals of certain races undesirable.

  • scott ny'er

    @redball: If one was to look at compatibility… wouldn’t those people raised in one race be more compatible with others raised the same way? For ex. black culture, latino culture, asian culture. And, some young people are more “mature” for lack of a better word mentally and have more in common with older people but won’t give them a chance because they look old.

    I mean there are so many factors at work with attraction, that’s why when someone says you’re racist because you mostly desire this race or that, I feel it’s too general a statement to make. And just plain erroneous. Attraction works on so many levels, it involves chemicals on a biological level, visual, scents, intellect, background, caste system, blah, blah, blah. There’s too much to identify to be able to point blank say, dude A is racist because he mostly likes Dudes of Race One.

  • redball

    I agree, esp. with that last sentence. That would be like looking at a smoker who got lung cancer and saying: “You got lung cancer BECAUSE you smoke!” You can never say that on an individual level because we know from epidemiology that there is a background rate of lung cancer that is always there even in a population of people with zero exposure to smoking (including secondhand and thirdhand smoke.). The guy who smoked & got lung cancer may simply be one of those people who would’ve gotten cancer anyway–it’s unlikely, of course, but it happens.

    However, *at the population level*, you can absolutely say something like 100,000 people died in the US in 2010 due to exposure to smoking (I made up that number).

    I’m thinking of racism in exactly the same way.

    There is a normal background rate of ppl who date only certain races and this is fine and not at all racist. But racism inflates those numbers, just like smoking inflates the # of lung cancer cases. So I wouldn’t say you are a Racist Dude for dating race X, but at the population level you could probably start to say some things…perhaps by comparing one population to other culturally similar populations who are less racist or racist against other types of groups.

  • Craig

    @declanto: Yes you are all racist white queens. Thanx for that but I already knew.

    @scott ny’er: I don’t care what you are. Paul’s comment was racist and most of the comments following his are just lame ass attempts to justify that racism. So fuck it all. If it’s too “simplistic” an explanation for you, that’s your fucking problem, not mine. You deal with that.

  • Mario V.

    @ron: Danes, beautiful?

    I live 1 hour from Denmark and they rated quite low on attractive scale here in Europe. Ginger/ blond looking, heavy drinkers, smokers.

    Your theory “Human beings are most attracted to others who look like them” primarily applies to US mentality. Old habits / perceptions die hard.

    Situation here is that physically opposite attracts. That’s why you have place Brazil and Europe where mixing is normal.

  • bbg372

    @Mario V. The relationship between physical similarity and interpersonal attraction has been found to be nearly universal in western society, even among cultures that claim to celebrate differences.

  • Mr Miracle

    @bbg372: You’ve made this statement on several threads and have yet to post a source. Let’s see.

  • scott ny'er

    @Mr Miracle: Wiki is your friend. Sources are on wiki.

    “The matching hypothesis proposed by sociologist Erving Goffman suggests that people are more likely to form long standing relationships with those who are equally matched in social attributes, like physical attractiveness, as they are.[5] The study by researchers Walster and Walster supported the matching hypothesis by showing that partners who were similar in terms of physical attractiveness expressed the most liking for each other.[6] Another study also found evidence that supported the matching hypothesis: photos of dating and engaged couples were rated in terms of attractiveness, and a definite tendency was found for couples of similar attractiveness to date or engage.[7] Several studies support this evidence of similar facial attractiviness. Penton-Voak, Perrett, and Peirce (1999) found that subjects rated the pictures with their own face morphed into it as more attractive. DeBruine (2002) demonstrated in her research how subjects entrusted more money to their opponents in a game play, when the opponents were presented as similar to them. Little, Burt, & Perrett (2006) examined similarity in sight for married couples and found that the couples were assessed at the same age and level of attractiveness.”

  • bbg372

    @Mr. Miracle First, I have only made the statement in question in this thread. If I have supposedly posted the statement in question in “several [other] threads,” then please identify them. Second, a source for the statement was not cited, because one was not requested before now, and a cursory search of interpersonal attraction and ethnic similarity will return a wealth of results. The most recent study, “Cognitive Processes Underlying Human Mate Choice,” published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences vol. 100 no. 15 concluded, “. . . in Western society, humans use neither an ‘opposites-attract’ nor a ‘reproductive-potentials-attract’ decision rule in their choice of long-term partners but rather a ‘likes-attract’ rule based on a preference for partners who are similar to themselves across a number of characteristics,” among them ethnicity or perceived ethnicity.

  • Mario V.

    @bbg372: The situation is different in progressive European countries. Since increase of globalization things are changing fast. So is definition of Stereotypes and beauty.

    I have met some coloured expat American women that are organized in Europe. They are certainly getting more male attention here then US.

    If we focus on physical attractiveness.
    Tv VIEWERS in these countries have at least elected black girls to represent their country. Example:
    Miss Sweden, Miss Italy, Miss France, Miss UK, Miss Switzerland, Miss Norway.

    These silly pageants are HUGE national events in many countries.

  • Mr Miracle

    @scott ny’er: Yes, wiki is everybody’s friend. But when one makes an argument as adamently as you have and says that something is “well established,” than it is that person’s responsibility to provide his backing information. Everybody else shouldn’t have to do your work for you.

    And as for your backing information, wiki is apparently not YOUR friends, since the information you provided does nothing to support your specific argument, which is that people are “naturally” more atracted to their own race than others. “The matching hypothesis…suggests that people are more likely to form long standing relationships with those who are equally matched in social attributes, like physical attractiveness, as they are.” In other words, people who are as pretty as one another tend to be attracted to each other. Fair.

    But it doesn’t say anything that defines what is “attractive” nor does it say anything that suggests that people judge a person’s attractiveness on ethnicity or race. Based on the argument you provided alone you could just as easily say that a gay man like, say, Matt Bomer, will like other beautiful men- that beautiful man could be Ricky Martin or Marcus Patrick or Sendhil Ramamurthy, all who are considered at the high end of the attractiveness scale with respect to their own ethnicities.

    Moreover, nothing in your quote passage says anything about causation. Data is not causation. Correlation is not causation. These are basic facts that any undergrad science student knows. Nowehere in your quote is it proven that there is a genetic or biological component to this attraction, which suggests that it could just as easily be a socialogical or cultural factor, and thus changeable. In fact, the theory is a sociological one, as you yourself admitted, so you need to find one that actually, you know, supports your argument. And no, I have no intention of doing that for you. I have a life.

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