The Internet Wants Joe Solmonese To Resign. Why Not Everybody At HRC?

We’ve been suggesting as much for years, but now it’s not just Andrew Sullivan calling for the Human Rights Campaign chief’s ouster: Dustin Lance Black and a running list of nobodies and somebodies want Joe’s head. Which is what the Internet was built for: petitions that exist in name only! But c’mon, Internet. If you’re going to demand Joe leave his post, why not take the entire cabal with you? It’s not like Joe is really calling all the shots; he’s just the face. And the guy responsible for raking in the cash that HRC proceeds to waste. The real maestros behind the Gay Inc. group’s failed strategy, as we’ve noted before, include vice president of programs David M. Smith and legislative director Allison Herwitt. You can find the whole list of HRC toppers right here, just in case you want to send Christmas cards.

Pam Spaulding laid out a pretty terrific case for Solmonese’s voluntary resignation. But who needs excessive copy when you’ve got the facts: Solmonese joined HRC in 2005, and the greatest effect he’s had on Capitol Hill is keeping the dicks of Democratic leadership hard. And they aren’t even paying him.