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The Internet’s Best Advice Ever For Gay Boys Desperate For a Boyfriend

“It’s like getting your period: It happens at different times for different people.” Ah, the sage advice of YouTuberity Luan Legacy, who’s clearly an expert on the zeitgeist of single tweenage gays. But Luan has such wisdom! So much wisdom, in fact, that he has to say it so fast or he’ll never be able to share the new Web 2.0 dating testament.

You are probably going to have to watch this clip a few times to absorb all of Luan’s suggestions. But it boils down to this: Stop bitching, it’ll happen. The right guy (or gal) will enter your life when you are ready for it. Because far too often, you think you want a significant other, and then you realize you miss the single life far too much. And you aren’t a Tiger.

Now raise your hand if you want to give Luan an AMEN.