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The Intersexed Pomeranian Puppy Who Underwent Genital Surgery

Red, a Pomeranian puppy in San Bernardino born with both male and female partially formed genitalia, was saved from being put down when a one Patti Harris donated $1,165 to pay for the dog’s the dog undergo surgery. “The condition is so rare that published data do not include an estimated percentage of the pet population with the condition. Veterinarians see it once in a 30-year-old career, if at all, said San Bernardino veterinarian Marc DiCarlo.” Red is biologically male, and now has no reproductive organs. And he’s ready to be adopted! [Press Enterprise]

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  • Christopher in VA

    What the F*CK?! Why? Why did this DOG need gender reassignment surgery?

  • pete

    Hopefully it won’t be long before someone adopts him. He’s as cute as a bug in a rug!

  • Martin81

    @Christopher in VA — Um, if you actually watched the video, it clearly said it was because if it was not performed, it could lead to infection.

  • EdWoody

    @Martin81: Which is the same argument people give to support human circumcision. Why not wait UNTIL there’s a problem, rather than commit unnecessary surgery just IN CASE there’s a problem?

  • bobbaloo

    Because maybe it’s easier to prevent something happening than having to treat it?

  • Christopher in VA

    It’s a matter of probability, Bobbaloo. And I honestly don’t know, perhaps the chance of this dog getting an infection because of his natural state WAS overwhelming. But if it wasn’t, then that chance hardly justifies a) $1,165 in expenses or b) gender reassignment ON A DOG. (Note: if that’s how a private individual wants to spend their money, so be it, but it does seem an odd choice for a “preventative” measure which might be more expensive than a treatment.)

    And regarding the video, I can’t get the damn thing to load: I was reacting to Queerty’s blurb, which conveniently neglected to mention the infection bit. So, if the video addresses the above points, then I stand corrected.

  • Wonka

    I had a an intersexed beagle and it never occured to my Family to have any thing done about it.

  • Syl

    Dawww, look at the wittle face! :D

  • tjr101

    He’s adorable, hope someone adopts him soon!

  • mulletkitty

    I hope they give a transperson priority in adoption :)

  • Michael

    Who was the big hearted vet that is now $1,100 richer?

  • Ogre Magi

    reminds me of the “gay dog” story from Australia that was posted here a while back!

  • Ash

    Aww, I hope he finds a home soon. No doubt he will with all the exposure. He’s as cute as can be!

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