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The Iowa State Senator Cracking Down on Gay Camping

Iowa State Senator Merlin Bartz, a Republican, is doing what he can to infringe on the rights of Iowa’s gays, Supreme Court decisions be damned. And he’s starting where it matters most: with campground rules.

Following the ruling that legalized same-sex marriage there, Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources is planning on including gay families in its “family camping” policies at state parks, which really don’t amount to anything like reduced fees, but it does allow families to put up one more tent than would otherwise be permitted. So, as a sitting member of the Administrative Rules Review Committee, he’s demanding DNR officials explain why they’re changing things up without letting the legislature weigh in.

Which is a silly question to have. We all know the department is in cahoots with NAMBLA activists trying to turn state parks into gay sex indoctrination camps. Some advice: If Bartz blocks ya, there’s always the Boy Scouts.