The iPhone App Where The Severity Of Bullying Gets Crowdsourced

Over the Line?, MTV’s new iPhone game based on the Facebook app [iTunes link], lets users submit stories detailing their technological foibles when it comes to cyber bullying and sexting (when you’re either the aggressor or the victim) and have other users rate their tales and determine whether everyone should laugh at you getting called a fag or it’s inappropriate. It’s American Idol, for torment!

The app comes with tools about how to “defend your digital domain” and hotlines for reporting abuse (no Trevor Project number in there), but the real appeal is the Texts From Last Night-esque curiosity in reading the private, often horrifying tales of kids getting picked on, teased, and beat up. And there are plenty of LGBT tales in there.

Its usefulness will be derived from young people using the app who can offer decent advice about problem solving and avoiding these situations in the future, as well as pointing them to the proper support channels, whether it’s a guidance counselor or 911. Its downfall will be going unmonitored if some twerps with too much time on their hands get a hold of the app and turn it into the 4chan of iPhone bullying.

[via Mashable]