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The IRS Has Tax Tips For Gay Couples

One unfortunate side effect of the momentum towards same-sex marriage isn’t just that we’re now under the same social pressure as heteros to get married, but that filing joint taxes is a new and daunting task for most gay married couples.

Luckily, the IRS has put together a short and sweet video to answer some frequently asked questions about filing taxes from a married couple’s perspective.

There’s a bunch of stuff about exemptions, deductions, and the like that you marrieds should probably know, but don’t worry about us.

We’ll just be filing single.


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  • hyhybt

    Filing as married is, surely, easier than having to do it both ways as in previous years.

  • Spike

    Yea well until marriage equality is recognized on the Federal level, if there is income disparity, continue to file separate, so as not to loose out on the standard deduction for the spouse that makes less, and the one that makes more, takes all the deductions.

  • hyhybt

    @Spike: it *is* recognized federally. This was big news last summer.

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