The “It Gets Better” Campaign Becomes A Cynical Political Football

No prominent Republican politician has ever made an “It Gets Better” video. But now that Republican Scott Brown is the only member of the Massachusetts’ congressional delegation not to take part in their IGB video, everyone’s feigning shock and outrage. GOP peeps are saying that Brown is focused on job creation and didn’t want to join a campaign founded by a “lewd, violent, anti-Christian” like sex columnist Dan Savage. In response Savage said, “No GOP elected official can back the seemingly radical notion that LGBT kids shouldn’t kill themselves.”

And with this, the “It Gets Better” campaign has changed from a way for public figures to seem queer-friendly by reciting optimistic platitudes into a way for queers to dress down Republicans. That is, the anti-bullying campaign started ostensibly for gay kids is now a way for politically-minded adults to bully each other instead. The change has cheapened the It Gets Better project even more than it already was.

Why would anyone expect Brown to become the first Republican to participate in Savage’s campaign? How would that help him, his party or any suicidal queer kids whatsoever? Any depressed kid in Massachusetts who gets sent over the edge by one Republican delegate not telling them “It Gets Better,” has much bigger problems than Mr. Brown, 11 delegates and a YouTube video can solve.


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