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The ‘It Gets Better’ Opus From Chris Salvatore

Actor/auto-tune singer Chris Salvatore already recorded one of those uber trendy It Gets Better videos. Now he’s recorded an original track for the kids, which is a sing-songy advertisement for what the future holds: finding someone to love and marry. (That’s not just a dream for young people!) Lyrics: “It gets better, believe me / It gets better, you’ll see. / Look up to the sky, when all else fails / There’s gotta be something out there / With all the beauty around / Like a simple flower / I promise you this / Love exists / It’ll get better, believe me / It’ll get better, you will see.” So that’s pretty sweet.

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  • AdonisOfFire

    “Auto-tune singer” LOL. Well, Glee is as much auto-tuned, you should mentioned that. And they all should fire their audio engineer that doesn’t know how to tune them naturally.

  • AdonisOfFire

    Very cute guy, interesting face, almost exagerated features…very interesting, sexy guy. Sexy armpits *licky licky yumm yumm*.

    I like the parts with all the stacking and harmonies, it really masked the hard auto-tuning. Until he finds an audio engineer with a better ear that can tune him more naturally he should do stacks and layering like that throughout his whole song.

    Oh, and he shouldn’t frown so much, I mean…it gets better, right?

  • Dan

    He’s talented, sincere, and very handsome. I like the song.

    (And to all the young people, he teaches valuable lessons – one of the most important for guys being: keep your eyebrows regular like his, do not pluck them into thin lines. Way too many guys get “drag queen” brows which are not flattering, even on drag queens).

  • Bob

    All this “it gets better” stuff is nice but does it really “get better”?

    1) DADT

    2) Gay bashings/killings

    3) Employment discrimination

    4) Marriage discrimination

    5) Etc.

  • Kev C

    If it got better for George Michael, it can get better for Chris Salvatore.

  • Blake J


    So we should all just give up and kill ourselves!

    Kids really need hope and once they make it through, then they can do their part to fight discrimination.

    So the project and this song do help, even if you are not capable of realizing that.

  • pericg

    he’s great — get his cd!

  • Bob

    @Blake J:

    No. I didn’t say that anyone should give up and kill himself. I’m just being realistic. Life for LGBTQ adults is not easy. For many, it’s still pretty damn tough.

  • jeff r

    Chris Salvatore’s message in his original “It Gets Better” video was honest, real and down to earth. Chris Salvatore has had the balls to pursue a singing and acting career as an out gay man from the beginning, unlike some of the Johnny Come Latelys (forced out of the closet or finally coming out after years of press speculation) who’ve made videos suggesting that kids think of “puppies” or discuss suicide in ridiculously Disney-esque/PC language. Gosh, golly, god darned! Chris’s video and those of Dan Savage, Jake Shears, Alex Quiroga and the others on Broadway’s It Gets Better site will hopefully strike a chord with those tormented by bullying and homophobia. The videos by straight “allies” – especially that of Adam Levine who recently went out of his way to defend BFF Jake G’s heterosexuality – and others should be given short shrift – who cares?!? If you are straight and were subjected to bullying because you were “different,” etc., then address that in your videos and help those kids who are subjected to bullying and discrimination due to the same. Only those in our community should legitimately speak to those kids subjected to homophobia and bullying. Those who were bullied for other reasons can legitimately speak to those issues.

    As for that allegedly closeted actor whose “soulful” video was recently posted and lauded on various gay/gay friendly sites is concerned, the question arises: It gets better, huh? You become rich, successful and famous, appearing on TV, in films and on Broadway, it gets better and you’re only bullied into professionally remaining in the closet. Ughhhh!

  • Francisco

    Sounds like Savage Garden

  • notreallyhere247

    the intro sounds like Go The Distance from Hercules.

  • Ken S

    @Blake J:
    I’m in favour of encouraging young people to tough out the shitty, powerless days, obviously. My one reservation about this “it gets better” initiative is that we shouldn’t make it sound too easy, as though if they can just make it to high school graduation or some other arbitrary ‘landmark’ that everything will turn around on its own. It takes work. “It can get better” or “you can make it better” strike me as more realistic and empowering words of encouragement. Because what effect will it have on them if we tell them “just graduate, and then it’ll ‘get better,'” and then– for instance– it doesn’t? Suppose they have a shitty freshman year of university. Then they’re depressed *and* disillusioned. We’ve got to stress that it doesn’t just magically happen by itself.

    Moreover I can’t help wondering, given this *rash* of GLBT youth suicides lately, what the fuck happened in the last 10 or 20 years that’s made kids today so goddamned fragile? There was homophobic bullying when I was a kid, and there were suicides, but you never heard about such a cluster of ’em in such a short time. Hell, I got bullied (more along the lines of “nerd/geek” than “fag,” but some “fag” too because even though I wasn’t out yet it was the go-to insult) but I never seriously thought of killing myself over it! Because I knew the obvious: those other kids were dumb as shit and their closed-minded bullying was fucking stupid, and you shouldn’t take fucking stupid attitudes to heart because they’re worthless. I respected myself more than them, so they could never *really* hurt me with their stupid little opinions. Where *is* that in the kids today? Especially today in the age of self-confidence (or ego) run amok? I thought the modern young people were all about self ’empowerment’?

    So why is it that the kids these days, when confronted with bullying, don’t look at the other person and say “so what if you tease me, you’re fucking stupid”? Where’s their self-respect and esteem? And what can we do to re-install it in them, other than dispensing with the taboo against calling anything ‘stupid’ and telling it like it is, and letting them know that bullies are *fucking stupid* for bullying others for being a little different?

  • Dan

    The rate of suicides has not changed. It has always been unfortunately high, especially among GLBT youth. What has changed is that organizations, the media, etc. now pay greater attention to the ongoing problem which can help create wider awareness of the resources available to try to improve the situation.

  • L.

    I believe the “Make love to me” bicep-message is not for me, is it?


  • Sammy

    I mean props to him for pursuing his career as a singer, but my first advice would be to actually sing and stop with the damned auto-tuning. There’s a reason it is called auto-tuning. It means you’re not in tune and a computer has to do it for you.

    That isn’t singing.

    So over that shit. I’d say stick to acting, but if this video is any indication, that might not be his strong suit either.

    Song writer? I didn’t hate the song. Just the autotuning and this cheesy video.

  • Cody

    @AdonisOfFire: He does have some acoustic stuff on his youtube and he isnt that bad.

  • Fagburn

    And if you weren’t feeling suicidal now…

  • AdonisOfFire


    I thought the same thing, the intro is very similar to “Go the distance”

  • Arnaud

    Hey guys!

    Excuse my question but I’m french and I don’t understand all the lyrics…
    Just before the chorus he sings something like “give them a moment and take a breath it’s too…” but too what?
    I can’t have it so if someone can tell me it’ll be great ;)

    Thanks to all of you ;)

    Kisssss from Paris ;)

  • James

    I was looking through songs on youtube, and I ran into this, this guy is totally amazing and handsome! And I totally give credit to this song, for whatever reason he’s singing this, “It GOT better!” And his singing voice is amazing too!

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