The IVF Treatment That Could Give Babies 2 Biological Mommies

Who says a same-sex couple can’t create biological children? A new IVF procedure under review in Britain would allow the DNA from three parents to be passed on to a child — in a treatment designed to keep genetic diseases from being passed on. While 98 percent of the child’s DNA would come from the two “main” parents (of opposite sex), the remaining genetic code (i.e. the mitochondrial DNA) would be inserted from a third female parent who is free from the genetic abnormalities that cause birth defects and lead to other inherited medical conditions. Of course there are the requisite ethical concerns (Should doctors be playing god?) as well as logistical ones (Does the second mommy automatically get parental rights?), but tell that to Sharon and Neil Bernardi, a couple who just lost their seventh child to Leigh’s disease.