The IVF Treatment That Could Give Babies 2 Biological Mommies

Who says a same-sex couple can’t create biological children? A new IVF procedure under review in Britain would allow the DNA from three parents to be passed on to a child — in a treatment designed to keep genetic diseases from being passed on. While 98 percent of the child’s DNA would come from the two “main” parents (of opposite sex), the remaining genetic code (i.e. the mitochondrial DNA) would be inserted from a third female parent who is free from the genetic abnormalities that cause birth defects and lead to other inherited medical conditions. Of course there are the requisite ethical concerns (Should doctors be playing god?) as well as logistical ones (Does the second mommy automatically get parental rights?), but tell that to Sharon and Neil Bernardi, a couple who just lost their seventh child to Leigh’s disease.

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  • Fitz

    When we run out of babies, this will be important news. For now, it’s a waste of resources.

  • Ryanthehulk

    I find this more than a little bit unethical. (Obviously not the same sex element, why would I be a Queerty reader if I was opposed to LGBT rights?) I don’t think we should be going out of our way to make children when there are so many that need to be adopted into good homes.

  • DJ

    @Ryanthehulk: People want a child that they can call biological; as in the same DNA (the living is already implied lol). honestly, I’d rather have a kid that’s mine. And maybe if I feel like it, I could adopt later. If this applied to men too, I’d be more interested in the idea.

  • Ryanthehulk

    @DJ: Thank you for helping to prove my point. People who go out of their ways with these Frankenstein plots are thinking solely about what THEY want, not about what is best for a child. What they want is some sort of genetic legacy in an ill-conceived (pun slightly intended) notion of somehow living forever.
    I am not naive, I realize that in some jurisdictions where gay adoption is incredibly difficult, if not outright impossible. For those people, schemes like this are there only way.
    Bottom line: If you can only love a child that shares your DNA, maybe you lack the emotional maturity to be a parent, and should really reconsider your aspirations of raising a child.

  • DJ

    @Ryanthehulk: It’s ignorant to judge someone and say that they would be a bad parent just because they want to pass on their genes. Scientifically, that’s one of our main purposes on earth.

    And what’s wrong with going for what you want? That’s not selfish at all. That’s like saying your selfish for leaving your lower paying job and taking a higher paying job. If you want it, get it. Doing this baby thing isn’t hurting anyone else so how’s it selfish?

  • the crustybastard


    In many jurisdictions two-parent adoption is illegal. Absent a biological connection to one’s child, one can never be more than a legal stranger to that child.

    There is nothing narcissistic about doing whatever it takes to be responsible for one’s children.

  • Silvia Angulo

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  • Phil

    What will they think of next? Perhaps they should consult with Dr. Frankenstein first. Oh wait, he’s not extreme enough. Children have the right to be born in the loving embrace of his parents, not in a sterilized science lab, where these types of experiments are performed. All anyone talks about in these situations are the “parents rights” while completely neglected the child’s rights. This is totally unnatural. IVF kids already have more problems with their health. What effect will this have? Stop the madness! We are dealing with human beings, not science experiments!

  • fuzz

    @Phil: “All anyone talks about in these situations are the “parents rights” while completely neglected the child’s rights.”

    How is it the right of a child to be born with a genetic abnormality that causes pain and suffering, and potentially death? I’d rather see this as the right of a child to have every opportunity for a healthy life.

    That said, I agree that there are already far too many children in the world who need loving homes. I wish more people would consider adoption.

  • Bianca

    What an abominable idea!

  • annajackson

    The people who think IVF treatment is a bad idea, they are ridiculous. It does not matter that from what religion you belongs to or only adoption of a child is a solution for infertile couples or lesbian couples. What I feel is its a modern and technological era and at this time almost everything is possible. So it is not a big deal to take IVF treatments in case of infertility or single parenting. Go through this site guys and explore more information regarding IVF treatment procedures and clinics.

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