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The ‘James Dean Is Gay’ Biopic You’ve Been Waiting For

Like, whatever if you’ve already seen this trailer for Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean, but I didn’t until reader Andy sent it our way. Written and directed by Matthew Mishory, and starring The Gates‘ James Preston, it looks to be the gayest feature on James Dean you’ll ever see. Gayer, even, than Rebel Without a Cause (hah). Scoping peters in the pool and boys at the bar? Well! The cinematography looks swell too.

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  • Ben

    This definitely looks promising.

  • alex

    was that a trailer or a herb ritts video for chris isaak?

  • Jason

    Wow, this looks amazing! Finally and honest and revealing film about James Dean. Anyone know when this will be coming out?

  • Elana

    That trailer is mesmerizingly beautiful.

  • Joe

    This is great! Hard to see tell from the trailer precisely what position (if any) the film takes on Dean’s sexuality, but at a time when our civil rights as LGBT Americans are being taken away, any film that addresses our place in history is important.

  • glasshouses

    Gorgeous images, all around, and more than a few hints as to James Dean’s sexuality being hard to exactly pigeonhole. Hopefully, it won’t fall into the “no! He **has** to be straight/gay/bi” meme.

    On a slight historical tone: Is that an absinthe brouilleur on the bar? If so, kudos to the director for noting the double illegal of the gay bar and the drink, both stupid regulations if there ever were.

  • Marcus

    Trailer looks awesome. I wish James Franco was playing Dean again, though LOL

  • Louis

    I’ve been waiting almost thirty years for this. Kudos!

  • Philipe

    Where can I get this movie? It looks beautiful and James is HOTTIE. Also cool to see some glam black and white.

  • Chris

    @Marcus: Yeah, I don’t think anybody played James Dean better than Franco :D

  • alan brickman

    James was bisexual and a great lay….

  • Jake

    Wow, stunning cinematography. This does look like a Herb Ritts masterpiece video (Chris Issack’s Wicked Game, Madonna’s Cherish, Janet Jackson’s Love Will Never Do Without You for those under 25). Love James Dean and this film looks amazing.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Feels too much like A Single Man in terms of the trailer.

  • Rock the Casbah

    Good-looking cast, good-looking film. More please!

  • Lefty

    OMG, I cannot wait to see this!
    It looks like a 2011 release but various sites say it’s still in production.
    Maybe the trailer has been released to attract finance or something?
    There are some great photos on this James Preston site:

    And I found these two; James Preston is gorgeous!



  • Lefty


    err, I’ll try that again.
    Ditz! Fingers crossed….





    Just like Brokeback Mountain, unfortunately this one ain’t gonna have a happy ending……….

    Cant’ we for once pretty pleeeeze have Hollywoods produce a picture ’bout the Gays where they end up old and Gay happily eva after………….

  • David Ehrenstein

    @glasshouses: James Dean’s sexuality isn’t “hard tp peigeionhole” at all.

    He was gay.


    The best book about him is “Live Fast, Die Young — The Wild Ride of The Making of Rebel Without a Cause” by Lawrence Frascella and Al Weisel. It deals with everything,including Dean and his boytoy/s&m slave Jack Simmons’ attempt to lure Jack Larson into a three-way.

    Simmons played the gang member who gives Dean the knife in the Griffith Observatory fight scene.

    Simmons wasn’t much of an actor. He went along with Dean to auditions and got small parts because of it. When Dean died he was inconsolable. He left acting and made quite a nice pile for himself in real estate. He bought and rented many properties, including Errol Flynn’s place, known as The Castle. He rented it out to And and the Factory gang who shot several films there including “Imitation of Christ” and “Heat.”

  • David Ehrenstein

    That trailer is pure Bruce Weber. “Devil in Disguise” was memorably used by Kenneth Anger for “Scorpio Rising.” They obviously saw that too.

  • Jeffrey Jacobs

    David Ehrenstein is right to point out that Dean’s S&M lifestyle and motorcycle inspired Kenneth Anger in part to both write Hollywood Babylon and direct Scorprio Rising (and, in turn, likely inspired the makers of this new film), but he is probably historically inaccurate in suggesting that Jack Simmons was the most important of Dean’s many male lovers. The relationship with Simmons was brief and never passionate, as most biographers have pointed out, while his “friendship” with William Bast lasted five years. And of course there were his many “mentors,” like Clifton Webb and Rogers Brackett. Fascinating times!

  • Billy

    I was shocked not to see James Franco jump out of this one. He has always had a James Dean-esque + flamboyance that could relate to this role. Def on my list of up coming to watch though.

  • Johann

    Looks like this is finally coming out next year! Perhaps the studios found it “too hot to handle,” as it were.

  • lucy

    gilmore made lies about james dean saying he abused his body letting people put cigerettes out on his chest but if u just look at GIANT picture of jimmy with his shirt off you’ll see absolutly NO scars on his chest whatsoever, smooth. he never abused his body, he said that jack wouldnt leave him alone, grabbing him with his ‘eagle claws’ dnt believe word of mouth research shit yourself

  • lucy

    keeneth anger that who i meant thank you, that the other jerk that made up lies about many famous people

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