UPDATE: Senator James Forrester, Sponsor Of NC’s Anti-Marriage Bill, Is Dead

North Carolina Senator James Forrester—the clueless liar who sponsored the state’s ballot initiative against marriage equality—has suffered cranial bleeding and is currently on life support dead.

His wife reassured the press that Forrester kept “support[ing] the causes in which he believed to his last breath.”

What. A. Champ.

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  • Michael

    Though I can not stand his political views especially about people who are gay.I would never wish ill will on anyone regardless of whether I respect like much less agree with him. I hope he improves and possibly this can be a life changing moment for him maybe help him see he’s been wrong .You never can tell in this world.

  • Elk

    Gawd! I laughed and LAUGHED! Die,HATER…

  • Andy

    Unfortunately his odious bigoted bill does not die with him. And he was doing such a bang up job advocating for it, it would be a shame to lose such an “effective” spokesman.

  • Carl

    By laughing and cheering the misfortune, illness and possible death of those who oppose equal human rights we become no better than they are. My sympathies go out to this man and his family – despite his odious and vile politics, despite his embracing hatred, he is still a human being, something I’m not so sure is applicable to Daniel Villarreal…

  • Aki

    While I really don’t like the guy I find it really despicable that people celebrate his death. He is a person just like the rest of us and while his views are horribly misguided that is not a fault worthy of death. I thought that was just worth saying.

  • BobC562

    He died today at about noon, EDT. I suspect he’s being counselled right now about how wrong he is about so many things LGBT-related.

  • Little Kiwi

    i don’t celebrate his death. i’m merely relieved that there’s one last Good Old Whiteboy Bigot to deal with.

    buh-bye. sorry you didnt have the change-of-heart in life that would have made your existence on earth useful.

  • Dan

    So a guy who mass-violates human rights and commits genocide against gay people is dead.

  • Isaak



  • Scott

    I am thankful for the United States’ Constitution. It guarantees freedom of speech. It includes checks and balances that prevent members of government from becoming despots like Moammar Ghadafy or Saddam Hussein. The right-wing nuts are trying to dismantle those checks and balances in order to pursue their agenda of oppression. Please everyone go vote the politicians like this guy out of office then there’ll be no need to celebrate him leaving office due to death. 2011 may not be a big year for open offices but I’m sure you’ll find important local races. A position on school committee may not be glamorous but those positions affect LGBT youth and it wasn’t fun for me being tormented in school back in the 1970’s. Go VOTE!

  • Cam

    @Carl: said..

    “By laughing and cheering the misfortune, illness and possible death of those who oppose equal human rights we become no better than they are.”

    Give me a break. Your moral equivalency bullshit may wash in your freshman sociology class but it’s bullshit.

    Gee, let’s compare shall we?

    One person working to pass laws that strip civil rights from possibly millions of people he has never met.


    Somebody being happy that the person who ATTACKED THEM has died.

    There is a HUGE difference here and saying that not being sad that this bigot who sought to erase the rights of people is exactly the same as being him is so beyond idiotic you should be embarrassed.

  • Little Kiwi

    His passing carries the same weight as the passing of Jesse Helms, Jerry Falwell and the other white bigotty Nitwits who worked so hard to stall progress and equality in America, in nearly all facets.

    they worked against the common good. they worked against creating a culture and society of peace and understanding. they refused to learn about diversity, they refused to accept diversity, they refused to change their bigoted ways.

    therefore, the best gift they can give the country and culture at large is to just fucking die off.

  • the crustybastard

    I’m only sorry the vile old fart didn’t die before he ensured North Carolianians had the opportunity to vote gay people out of their constitution, which they will no doubt do with gusto.

    That will be this horrible man’s shitty legacy, but least the asshole won’t get to enjoy his victory.

  • doug105

    Anyone know what the fine is for watering a grave in N.C. ?

  • Little Kiwi


    I just got a message from James Forrester via Ouija – he’s apparently furious to see that the Kingdom of God is also inhabited by gays, Jews, Muslims, brown people – pretty much all the people he hated and worked against in life. He’s joined up with Jesse Helms and Jerry Falwell, who also were refused entry years ago, and are protesting outside the Gates of Heaven with really unimpressive signs written on cardboard boxes. All in all, I find it ticklingly ironic.

    They’re calling it “Occupy Purgatory”

  • Hyhybt

    Is it not possible to be glad he can no longer harm us without being glad of the reason?

  • Little Kiwi

    yes, exactly. i’d have preferred he make the great intellectual leap away from defenseless bigotry and toward enlightenment and compassion.

    he refused to do so. so he did the next best thing – he fucking died. oh well. the country is still glad to be rid his bigotry.

  • divkid

    cue the lollipop guild …

  • Riker

    Be careful, its Halloween, soon followed by Day of the Dead. The veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, so we’d better watch out that he doesn’t come back.

    Joking aside, I don’t celebrate the death of anybody. However, might this not be evidence that God doesn’t approve of bigotry? He died while actively promoting stripping the rights of hard-working, taxpaying Americans.

  • Ronbo

    @Michael: If it isn’t kosher to celebrate his death, can we at least celebrate his no longer raining on our party?

  • Shannon1981

    No matter how UN- PC this is, I’m not a Christian, so I have no taken the “no evil for evil” oath. I have the balls to admit it: I’m glad he’s dead. Just like I was glad when Jerry Falwell died, and like I’ll be glad when Pat Robertson dies. Good Riddance. Seriously.

    This probably shows that even good people get fed up with bullshit, but its true. No tears shed here.

  • Riker

    @Shannon1981: Still, speaking ill of the dead has to be some pretty bad karma. I’d much rather speak ill of the people who are still around to mount a half-witted defense.

  • Carl

    @Cam: There’s an old saying: “Two wrongs do not make a right”. So, with all due respect, take your bigoted arse over to the corner, eat your own shit and die: then you can join your bigot friend in the afterlife. If we as a community behave like this, we become no better than those who oppose equal human rights; twist and turn all you like, but you wouldn’t have reacted so strongly had I not hit a nerve. It distresses me no end to see our community succumbing to hatred, the same kind of hatred that is used against us. If we let this continue, those who oppose our rights will have won.

    Yes, the man was a complete and utter bastard, no-one is denying that, but that does not make celebrating his death right. If you’d pull your head out of your arse for a moment, you’d see that.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Oh please, you wouldn’t dance to the news that Hilter was dead? Wasn’t there is bit of glee learning that Kadhadfi was dead?

    Ding dong, the witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked witch!!!

    An evil vile witch is dead! Hurray! Anyone who would deny children, the children in gay household families, all the same right and privileges that ALL children deserve is evil and vile. Good riddance; its a good day for all families.

  • Shannon1981

    @Carl: You can’t possibly think we are supposed to mourn the deaths of people like this man? Sorry..nothing doing.

  • Spencer

    Cool, every once in a while god throws you a free one.. Lol. But what I this causes the thingy to be passed?

  • TMikel

    What a champ? Rather what a chump, a chimp, and good riddance to the old hypocrit!

  • Adman

    Dead haters aren’t much fun.

  • Jonathonz

    Sometimes our only consolation as LGBT’s is that the haters are not immune to death. Too bad he couldn’t be remembered for doing something good.

  • Cam

    @Carl: said…

    “@Cam: There’s an old saying: “Two wrongs do not make a right”. So, with all due respect, take your bigoted arse over to the corner, eat your own shit and die: then you can join your bigot friend in the afterlife.”

    Explain something to me CARL, how am I a bigot? Because I dissagreed with you and said that your claiming somebody not being sad that this man was dead made them just as bad as him was bullshit?

    You need to go to school because you obviously don’t know the meaning of the word bigot.

    Again, your moral equivilancy is bullshit. In your worldview, somebody being happy Hitler is dead makes them just as bad as Hitler.

    Sorry but that is pathetic and you are an idiot. Uh Oh, Hey Carl! Somebody is happy Jeffrey Dahmer is dead! I guess that makes them just as bad as him…you know, even through they haven’t MURDERED ANYBODY!

    Go read a book or at least buy a dictionary, learn a few things, then try again fool.

  • B

    No. 25 · Mike in Asheville wrote, “Oh please, you wouldn’t dance to the news that Hilter was dead? Wasn’t there is bit of glee learning that Kadhadfi was dead?”

    I would have preferred to see Muammar Gaddafi placed under arrest, given medical care, and then tried for crimes against humanity. It would have set a useful precedent for Libyans in making a transition to a democratic form of government. In addition, Gaddafi apparently had billions stashed away, some of it probably as jewelry that is well hidden and that will be a pain to track down. Maybe he’d have been willing to tell where the loot is hidden to avoid having to work it off on a chain gang as he served out his life sentence. Unfortunately none of that is now possible due to him being six feet under.

  • hf2hvit

    Maybe he and his own personal Jesus are having a little talk about judgement and hatred right now…

  • shle896

    I feel like now that he’s passed, he finally knows the truth about homosexuality – that it’s not evil. He was misguided and ignorant, but has the answers now and can maybe rest in peace. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he was a big closet case, full of self-hatred. People like him disgust me, but I feel sorry for them, too.

  • ewe

    @Carl: If i didn’t like someone when they were alive what makes you think i give a shit if they are dead? That “eat shit and die” comment of your own if proof you agree with me.

  • Queer Supremacist

    I think it’s immoral NOT to be happy he’s dead.

    Good riddance to bad cracker breeders.

  • Carl

    @Shannon1981: Did I say mourn him? No, I did not: so kindly don’t put words in my mouth. What I said is that CELEBRATING his death makes us just as vile as he was. I would rather he have seen the error of his actions. Am I glad he can no longer espouse his hatred? Yes. But I, unlike some others, am not celebrating his death. One can be glad a source of hatred has fallen silent without celebrating someone dying a fairly unpleasant death.

    And no, I didn’t cheer Gaddafi’s death, nor would I have cheered Hitlers – people like that should be *punished* not killed. I don’t see death as a punishment. Celebrating someone’s death makes us no better than they are, for it means we have given in to the same kind of hate that they let rule their lives. So pardon-fucking-me for not wanting to be anything like those people in any way, shape or form.

    @ewe – I don’t agree with you AT ALL. Telling you to do something to rid the world of yet another hater doesn’t mean I would celebrate your passing, so kindly don’t lower me to your level.

    @Cam – you’re a fucking idiot. People like this man, Hitler and the others did what they did because they let hatred rule their lives. By celebrating their death, rather than seeing them *punished*, we let that same emotion – Hate – rule us. And that means we have become like those who hate. I pride myself on being better than that. I don’t hate anyone, nor do I celebrate their deaths – even Hitlers’ (I would rather he have been punished and sentenced – and not to death, I oppose the death penalty in all cases). And I will NEVER celebrate someone’s death, because to do so means I am becoming like them, it will mean hatred has taken over me. I’m sorry you’re so fucking retarded that you can’t work out such a simple concept – yet another brain going to waste.

    It’s good that his hatred is gone, but I would rather it have happened any other way than through his death, because it means he died hating people and thus it is no ‘victory’. It would have been better had he publicly renounced his hate. By celebrating his death, our community shows it is little better than those who oppose us: fuelled by hatred. We are *better* than that, all of us.

  • OrchidIslander

    One down, far too many left to go….

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