The Jury Couldn’t Decide If This Is 17-Year-Old Kristofer King’s Neo-Nazi Murderer


There will be no justice, yet, in the gruesome murder of Kristofer King, the gay 17-year-old stabbed to death in 2006. His accused killer John Ditullio Jr., a neo-Nazi who was also tried on charges of stabbing King’s friend Patricia Wells (who is white, and who prosecutors say was attacked because she dared associate with black men), was neither convicted nor acquitted after a jury deadlocked. He’ll again face first-degree murder charges on retrial in March. If convicted, he could face execution.

Wells, understandably, is furious over the outcome; King’s mother would not comment after the judge announced the hung jury. Ditullio, taking the stand, insisted he’s been framed by his former Nazi brothers.