The Kaczynski Brothers Can’t Take A Gay Joke

Poland’s virulently homophobic president and prime minister, identical twins Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, have been feuding with former president Lech Walesa for years. This well-known animosity all started as a joke, says Walesa’s son:

Despite the passage of time, Jaroslaw Walesa remains coy when it comes to the details of his father’s joke that so enraged the Kaczynskis. It is widely known, however, to be a politically incorrect story of two brothers who arrive at a party – one with his wife and one with his “husband”.

For Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who has suggested gay people should not be allowed to be teachers but is unmarried and lives with his cat and his mother, the “joke” proved unfunny enough to fuel a lifelong animosity against Poland’s political icon.

For Lech Walesa’s son, the story is proof only of one thing.

“It shows the Kaczynskis have no sense of humour,” he said.

Must have hit too close to home: Jaroslaw’s long been rumored to be a closet case.