The Kenneth Cole Fashion Campaign That Looks Like You

With all the talk of boycotts, there’s one company this holiday season that’s an unequivocal friend of the LGBT community.

Somehow the entire gay Internet missed out on (or barely mentioned) designer Kenneth Cole’s “We All Walk in Different Shoes” campaign that has been running since August. The ads feature people who “live their lives in unconventional way” and includes married lesbian couple Joanna and Nicoletta Tessler and their daughter, Ruthie, Regan Hofmann, the HIV positive Editor-in-Chief of Poz and Nina Poon, a transgendered graphic designer who immigrated to America from Vietnam when she was four.

Queercents interviewed Poon today and asked her about what its like to be a transgender model, make-up artist, illustrator. She also lets us know that when it comes to shopping, “I spend my coins on mainly bills and food. Occasionally, I will splurge on certain things like a bike I just bought for $800. I also love spending my money on technology. It makes me very happy and nerdy” and that the craziest thing she’s ever done for money is “Suck cock and fisting some dude”, which is refreshingly honest if a little TMI.

Poon lives in New York with her boyfriend, Robert Jason. He talks about his relationship with Poon in the ad below: