The Kids Are All Right: Eight Young LGBT Leaders Of Tomorrow

(Kat Marchand, Aaron Shapiro, Gabe Aderhold, Charles Poulson)


With homophobic demagogues like Maggie Gallagher and Michele Bachmann grabbing the media spotlight, it can feel like we’re in a losing battle for LGBT rights in this country. But there’s a new generation of out youth proudly taking on the mantle of leadership.

As the kids of America head back to the classroom, Queerty decided to profile eight young LGBT trailblazers who are changing the conversation both locally and nationwide. They run the gamut of the LGBT rainbow, hail from across the country and range in age from teens too young to drive to young adults graduating college. But they all share at least one trait: They’ve taken it upon themselves to make sure it gets better for themselves, their peers and our community. Meet the class of 2011.

UP FIRST: Aaron Shapiro, 22