The King Of Spain Can Finally Call Himself A Gay Mag Cover Model

king felipeFor the first time ever, the King of Spain has granted an appearance on the cover of a gay magazine. Though he didn’t pose specifically for RAGAP, a Spanish glossy, he did allow them to use his official portrait on their cover to accompany an article about how attentive he’s been to the LGBT community.

And this isn’t just a boring puff piece — King Felipe VI has been genuinely awesome to queers. Along with his wife (yes, he’s married, to a woman) he organized an LGBT equality conference last year. They specifically brought up trans issues as being of international importance, and made commitments to support visibility and equality across borders.

So, why is he only just getting a magazine cover now? Because he’s about the get an award at FITUR, an LGBT tourism show, next week. Along with Felipe, FITUR is also celebrating Barack Obama (for his support of marriage equality), the magazine El Mundo for its balanced coverage of the gays, and US Ambassador James Costos, one of two hunky gay ambassadors. (The other is Rufus Gifford, Ambassador to Denmark.)

So congrats to everyone, particularly the monarch. This really makes up for that wacky scheme of sending Columbus to find a back door to Asia.