The KS Gov Thinks Rainbow Flagpoles Are “Weapons?” Well Free-Speech Is A Weapon Too

THE SHOT – While Kansas Governor Sam Brownback joined Texas Governor Rick Perry at the American Family Association’s prayer rally in Houston this weekend, the Kansas National Organization for Women and the Kansas Equality Coalition held a free speech rally on the the south steps of the Kansas state capitol building.

You see, even though Governor Brownback allowed the Knights of Columbus to march on the capitol with drawn swords on January 21st, he blocked the KEC from carrying flagpoles with the American, Kansas and rainbow flags onto capitol grounds on June 24th, saying that all flagpoles (including tiny flags on wooden sticks) are “dangerous weapons.” So to celebrate their first-amendment rights, KNOW and KEC returned with two huge flags (sans flagpoles) to combat Brownback’s denial of free-speech rights to his political dissenters.

A Catholic, Brownback opposes marriage equality, civil unions, gay adoption, adding sexual orientation and gender identity to federal hate-crime laws. (He also supports Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.) But he’s totally okay with hanging out at a prayer event with a Southern Poverty Law Center-certified hate group that thinks the Holocaust and Hurricane Katrina were caused by gays.

His last name also sounds like a deadly type of spider.


Image via Thomas Witt/Kansas Equality Coalition

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  • Reed Braden

    Deadly spider my ass! His last name sounds like a sexual neologism for something that should never happen during gay sex if the participants know what the hell they’re doing.

    Is it time to tar another Republican with a “Google problem”? My suggestion: Brownback, v. tr. To have anal intercourse until Santorum, a frothy mixture of lube and feces and sometimes blood and semen, creeps up the tailbone and onto the receiving participant’s lower back instead of taking the normal route down the perineum. “The closeted Republican brownbacked me so hard last night my campaign tee shirt is permanently ruined!”

  • o

    @Reed Braden: Or, more simply, Brownback n. The result of scat play.

  • chrissie riot

    Brownbacking is where Santorum comes from.

  • dvlaries

    Just googled his picture. No wonder he’s an angry guy.

  • TMikel

    Brownback IS a deadly spider with eight arms/legs into every right wingnut cause he can discover, and a vicious deadly bite, but we can hope he will bit himself, like a scorpion, and die. Also, does not his concern over flag poles seems a bit, well, phallic?

  • B

    According to http://www.kansasequalitycoalition.org/viewevent.php?e=3791 the swords were there but in their scabbards, although “clearly visible.” I.e., the swords were not “drawn.”

    Aside from that detail, does anyone have the video of the Knights of Columbus at this location? A voice-over of Governor Brownback explaining why flags on polls were a threat (while showing his complete unconcern about people wandering around with real weapons) would make the hypocrisy obvious. Throw in a sequence from a samurai film too, just to show what happens when swords come out of their scabbards! Maybe Yojimbo:

  • Sean

    In Kansas, we call having unprotected anal sex, esp. with strangers, ‘brownbacking.’ Seeing how the Guv has rejected federal health care funds, and is thus a threat to our health, it is appropriate. Visit our facebook page, “Sam Brownback, stop brownbacking Kansas”. This right wing turkey could be our next VP (He’s butt buddies with Rick Perry, the Hatemeister from Texas. Help spread the word! Make brownbacking the new santorum!

  • letter to obama

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