The KS Gov Thinks Rainbow Flagpoles Are “Weapons?” Well Free-Speech Is A Weapon Too

THE SHOT – While Kansas Governor Sam Brownback joined Texas Governor Rick Perry at the American Family Association’s prayer rally in Houston this weekend, the Kansas National Organization for Women and the Kansas Equality Coalition held a free speech rally on the the south steps of the Kansas state capitol building.

You see, even though Governor Brownback allowed the Knights of Columbus to march on the capitol with drawn swords on January 21st, he blocked the KEC from carrying flagpoles with the American, Kansas and rainbow flags onto capitol grounds on June 24th, saying that all flagpoles (including tiny flags on wooden sticks) are “dangerous weapons.” So to celebrate their first-amendment rights, KNOW and KEC returned with two huge flags (sans flagpoles) to combat Brownback’s denial of free-speech rights to his political dissenters.

A Catholic, Brownback opposes marriage equality, civil unions, gay adoption, adding sexual orientation and gender identity to federal hate-crime laws. (He also supports Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.) But he’s totally okay with hanging out at a prayer event with a Southern Poverty Law Center-certified hate group that thinks the Holocaust and Hurricane Katrina were caused by gays.

His last name also sounds like a deadly type of spider.


Image via Thomas Witt/Kansas Equality Coalition

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