The Ladies of ABC Ask Adam Lambert Whether He’s Hurt By The Ladies Of ABC Censor Him

Adam Lambert must be exhausted talking about his American Music Awards performance — especially to Barbara Walters, who begins the interview asking the singer whether he’s tired of people being “afraid” to have him on their show. You know, like The View, which pulled the ridiculous stunt in taping the interview ahead of time, or Barbara Walters’s own taped special last night, which refused to air his AMA kiss.

“I’m surprised,” says Adam of the reaction. “I’m like, ‘Really. Is it that big of a deal?’” No, it is not.

But what we’re most impressed with Lambert’s handling of the situation is that he’s being the most adult person in the room. Not ABC. Not the parents who complained to the network. But Adam — who, as he says, is not anyone’s babysitter. He’s a performer. If you don’t like what he does, stop watching. But once again, if you’re going to let your kids be exposed to — or, if you’re ABC, your network broadcast — sexualized images of pop culture, then quit freaking out about the gay guy. (However, while we understand the career reasons, but do not care for his need to apologize for the performance.)

And as for you, Sherri Shepherd? Remarking how parents are justified to be outraged? And how nobody “pays attention to TV ratings”? Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck knows that’s a farce. Because lady, you are a parent. And you, Miss, appear on an eponymous sitcom where you make jokes about alcohol abuse, sex out of wedlock, and on and on — all at an hour that the FCC monitors and an hour where children are more likely to be watching. You’re a sad mess of hypocrisy and unqualified to preach to anyone about values.

Meanwhile, ABC has responded to criticism about Barbara Walters’ special last night, which refused to show the same-sex kiss, but spent most of the interview discussing it: “It was an editorial decision to show very little from the performance and focus on the fresh, new interview with Adam Lambert. … The Lady Gaga kiss was used quickly in context of things that upset her father. … ABC never had a problem showing the kiss, In fact we did not edit it out of the west coast feed of the AMAs. … The network has a solid record of showing gay men and women in primetime which is why GLAAD has given ABC top honors for the positive portrayal of gays and lesbians for the past several years.”

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  • KevinVancouver

    SERIOUSLY LAME!! good ol PURITANICAL USA willing to embrace all kinds of vicious cruel violence on TV but not 2 guys kissing.. I don’t get your country i just don’t get it !

  • romeo

    Neither do we, Kevin.

  • HSM

    Just amazed that dear Lizzie wasn’t the one jumping on him. In fact she seemed at bit…smitten. [snark] Go figure.

  • YellowRanger

    ABC: “No, no it’s OK, I have gay friends.”

  • jason

    If I were Adam Lambert, I would have turned to the liberal ladies of The View and said “Ladies, you’re liberal frauds”.

    To Elizabeth, the lone conservative, I would have said “Elizabeth, at least you conservatives are honest and don’t have double standards”.

  • jason

    Hang on, they showed the Lady Ga Ga kiss with another woman but not Adam’s with a man????

    How do you spell “hypocrites”? How about A B C.

  • jason

    The most disturbing thing is the bisexual double standard. If it’s a woman kissing a woman, it’s “hot” and therefore OK to show. If it’s a man kissing a man, it’s not shown.

    Barbra Walters is a blazing hypocrite, and so is the media organization known as ABC.

  • Quake


    Why does it seem like their extra friendly today? Especially Elizabeth, she seems quite calm. But she’s usually the main one expressing her conservative jargan. I guess she realized how asinine her first opinion was when this situation was fresh.


    If anything Elizabeth should be called out for backing down on questioning Adam. I thought she would of stung a little more but she didn’t even come close. She’s turning liberal on us lmao

  • Quake


    I don’t think Barbra is a hyporcrite for abiding by the doctrine of mainstream media. You have to look at the grand picture. America is ran by heterosexual men, who pay pretty pennies to see a boob flop. Media needs money, and to get money they need publicity. Sex sells, especially female sexuality. Its the biggest commodity in the world of adult entertainment. So the more women with skimpy clothes, the more dollars generated to these media sources.

    A man kissing another man on stage? Is still confusing to ignorant America, which is about 60% of the population. Most of that population resides in southern parts of the country. In order to feed these hungry hetero men. Barbra has to be the hyporcrite she is. Otherwise her check wouldn’t show as scheduled. And in the grand picture, who could blame her?

  • RomanHans

    I won’t stand for these slurs against Barbara Walters.

    She’s never claimed to be liberal, or ground-breaking, or a responsible journalist.

    She’s a whore, not a hypocrite.

  • AlwaysGay

    I thought Adam did great on The View. He wasn’t nervous like he was on Ellen’s show (why?). He delivered a solid performance of his new single “Whataya Want From Me”.

  • Shawn

    I’m not a fan of Adam…but I’m starting to kinda like him personally…specially after that dradle comment. That was hilarious.

  • blackjack44

    I now know what ABC stands for now. Adam’s Being Censored. Are you kidding me? they had to tape the view instead of going live because Adam was on the show?? what the hell was he gonna do, make out with sherri or Elisacunt Hasselfuck? you have a gay guy on a show with 2 idiots in sherri and hasseltard, a fossil of a broadcaster in Barbara, and always funny Joy. Im pretty sure you can go live. ABC has to be loaded with idiots.

  • Jason R.

    I’ve said it a MILLION times before and I’ll say it a MILLION times more…Elizabeth Hasselback is nowhere near as ignorant, homophobic and just plain dumb as Sherri Shepard, and the interview today with Lambert where Elizabeth was the most supportive of him on the panel, with Sherri ripping Adam a new one and not letting go. Elizabeth gained A LOT of points with me on this one. She is annoying and won’t drop the gay issue when arguing points, but she’s not ignorant, or intolerant….that’s Sherri!
    But we gays just love picking on Elizabeth too much and painting Sherri as our “sassy black girl friend”…when she’s NOT that. She’s the same sherri who said she would kick her son out of the house for not appearing as a boy, or ever wearing a dress, yet she gets away with murder on the program. When they had Mike Hucakbee on the other week, Sherri told him how he’s a compassionate guy for all people and how haters want him to keep his bible out of his politics and I couldn’t help but wonder if that was an intentional jab at gays which she does OFTEN on the show and OFTEN her blatant homophobia goes unnoticed (like during the Prop 8 debate when she lied about “my pastor will be sued in this country if this proposition passes, and why should I risk that”)….disgusting to think this womans entire career started in comedy clubs in West Hollywood supported strictly by gay fans who helped her climb to the top. Disgusting!

  • Fitz

    I still think it’s amazing that a game show contestant could be considered so important.

  • romeo

    Fitz #14: If you go back into the history of just about any important person, anywhere, anytime, you’ll find the equivalent of some kind of game show that got them started. AI was just the way he started. It’s where he goes from there that will make him important. For me, he’s important for being a sensational singer, a colorful public persona, etc.

    But also because last night he looked the American public straight in the eye on Barbara Walters and said “I’m a homosexual; deal with it.”

    Would you have that kind of guts in that situation? You’re not clever, Fitz, and you’re not funny. You’re just petty.

  • FakeName

    “The Ladies of ABC Ask Adam Lambert Whether He’s Hurt By The Ladies Of ABC Censor Him”

    This should either be “The Ladies of ABC Ask Adam Lambert Whether He’s Hurt By The Ladies Of ABC CensorING Him” or “The Ladies of ABC Ask Adam Lambert Whether He’s Hurt WHEN The Ladies Of ABC Censor Him”

    Hey Queerty, I could use the extra work proofreading and my rates are quite reasonable.

  • Mykel

    @ FAKENAME Thanks, I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what the hell the lead-in to this posting meant. Good call.

  • jacob williams

    Elizabeth said when she first started working on the view “IF A MAN AND A MAN MARRY THAN WHATS NEXT? IS A MAN GOING TO MARRY A GOAT?”

    thats a commment elizabeth hasselbeck said when she first started working on the view. she made that comment around the time bush wanted to create the marriage ammendment barring gays from marriage. elizabeth was really nasty when she first started working there. her comments were extremely offensive. she has softened since i guess. but still bigoted none the less.


    that fucking analogy elizabeth made is so fucking offensive i just don’t even know where to begin.

    she is making it seem like gays want something different or special.

  • lancer808

    5 states in this country legally recognize same sex marriage. Wake up ABC and America… it is no longer a “deal” for men to kiss in public. So, Barbara Walters et al… get a life, and bless you Adam Lambert…

  • Ron

    Romeo #15

    Well put. Lambert never backed away from pushing the envelope on Idol. He gave his outrageous performance of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ just one week after nearly getting voted off the show. His courage is off the scale, demonstrated over and over. He deserves our support for being out their taking the hits for what he is without flinching, with grace, humor and good nature. The world could use a lot more like him. He inspires me.

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