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The Lame ‘Dirt’ Fight Back New York Found on NY Sen. Ruben Diaz

Fight Back New York, billionaire Tim Gill’s celebrity-powered vehicle to unseat anti-gay lawmakers in the state, came up “10 Truths About Ruben Diaz” as a cheat sheet as to why you should stop supporting the guy. It’s all part of the group’s new plan to go after the ringleader of the state’s anti-gay Democrats. Too bad most of these bullet points are dumb.

Here’s the list:

1. Ruben Diaz was investigated by the FBI
2. He was arrested for possession of heroin and marijuana
3. Ruben Diaz was only member of the New York Senate to vote against the ethics reform bill
4. He was the only Democrat in the New York Senate to vote to shut down the state government
5. Ruben Diaz refused to meet with his own constituents
6. He compared the use of stem cells for medical research to the Nazis using “the ashes of the Jews to make bars of soap.”
7. Ruben Diaz appropriated monies totaling $250,000 to an organization he founded, the Christian Community Benevolent Association
8. He also appropriated monies totaling $1,120,000 to the Hispanic Federation, of which the Christian Community Benevolent Association is a part (see #7)
9. Ruben Diaz defended former Sen. Hiram Monserrate, who was expelled from the Senate due to a conviction for misdemeanor assault against his girlfriend
10. Ruben Diaz and three other Democrats refused to support the Majority Leader, only to change their minds after he “offered them perks and committee chairmanships.”

Numbers 1, 2, 5, 7, and 8 are basically useless.

Investigated by the FBI? Okay, but was he indicted on anything? Was it a politically motivated move (as he would claim)? Lawmakers are “investigated” for myriad things; far fewer are charged or convicted.

Arrested for pot and heroin? I don’t much care how my lawmakers get off; in fact, I’d love it if they stopped caring so much how I got off and eliminated some of those stupid drug laws.

Donated money to his own charities? You’re going to have to clear out all of Albany, and much of Washington D.C., if that’s a litmus test for moral aptitude. Better question: Did any of those organizations that received funds benefit Diaz directly? The answer, FBNY notes on a separate page, is yes: Taxpayer funds went to charities that employ his wife, but don’t other lawmakers use their positions of power to fund things with their names on them?

Oh, and this one takes the ice cream cake: He refused to meet with his own constituents? THIS HAPPENS ON A DAILY BASIS WITH EVERY ELECTED OFFICIAL, EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. I want to sit down with President Obama, but he’s not returning my calls. BAM! He’s guilty of No. 5.

(The other items on the Top 10 list I’m mostly fine with, and Sen. Hiram Monserrate’s name really should’ve appeared higher.)