The Last Chick-Fil-A Post Today, Honest: The Abbey, Hamburger Mary, Starbucks & KFC Support Equality

John Goodman plays the late, great Colonel Sanders in this Funny or Die parody suggesting KFC is a better option for gay poultry lovers.

Though it’s just a bit, restaurants from coast to coast have been stepping up to remind the eating public they have other options besides Chick-fil-A. Yesterday we told you about Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen in New York, which is donating 10% of the sales from its chicken sandwich toward marriage equality.

Queer burger palace Hamburger Mary’s, which has 12 locations nationwide, is also putting equality on the menu: The restaurant chain has whipped up a Southern-style chicken sandwich—hold the bigotry.

Unlike the assembly-line sammy you’ll get at CFA, this version is made-to-order: A fresh chicken breast is coated in flour and an assortment of spices, and then deep-fried before being served with herb mayo and dill pickles.  For dessert? A portion of profits will support pro-LGBT measures.

“Mary’s is adding her voice to the increasing number of campaigns to counter Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s controversial public stance against marriage equality by offering a Southern-style chicken sandwich while advocating diversity,”  says franchise owner Ashley Wright. “[We’re for] open-minded people, a place where everyone is welcome and diversity is celebrated,”

Meanwhile, L.A. watering hole The Abbey is offering a “Chick-fil-Gay” sandwich (right) through November, with all net profits going to the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which is challenging Prop 8 in the courts. And they’re not selfish—LAist reports the owners are happy to share the recipe with any business looking to support marriage equality.

Lastly, if you’re all chickened out (and we’re getting close), you can do your part for the cause just by getting your caffeine fix. is launching a “National Starbucks Appreciation Day” on August 7, to let the coffee chain know how much we appreciate their pro-equality stance. Make ours a venti!

Photo: The Abbey

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