Family Values

The Leffew’s Marriage Is In Tact. But They’re Still Furious

If the California Supreme Court was going to ban their marriage, Jay and Bryan of The Leffew Family wanted to be there for the justices to tell them. So they made the drive to San Francisco to be there when the decision was handed down. As we all know by now, the news wasn’t good — but the Leffew’s marriage is in tact.

They made it there just in time for the decision — which to their dismay was handed out on a leaflet — standing among fellow supporters and just across from opponents. And then came the announcement.

“What they did was cowardly,” says Bryan, with tears in his eyes, before “Shame on you!” chants began amidst the crowd. From the relative calm of a nearby park, he continues, “I hope one day they realize what they’ve done.”