The Left Says Obama Isn’t Doing Enough. And The Right Says He’s Doing Too Much?


Should progressives actually feel good when conservatives are also attacking President Obama on his gay agenda? While plenty of LGBTs are complaining the man isn’t doing enough for civil rights. But Catholic World Report editor George Neumayr, writing in conservative rag The American Spectator, is one of many voices on the right saying he’s doing too much. That’s curious.

“Polls consistently show that soldiers do not want the armed services turned into a laboratory of social experimentation,” he writes. “But a president who spends more time in the company of Oprah than his generals has no intention of listening to them. Whatever ‘consultation’ precedes Obama’s change to the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, it won’t include soldiers and generals who object to its repeal. […] Symbolic of this administration’s unseriousness is that it would attach a ‘hate crimes’ amendment to the Senate’s defense spending bill this week. Will the Taliban be added to the list? America’s enemies at this rate may end up as a protected category. In the midst of conducting two wars, what is one of Obama’s top priorities? It is to make sure that someone, somewhere doesn’t say something the ‘LGBT’ community considers offensive.”

Who should take comfort in knowing conservatives think he’s gone too far: Us? Or is Obama the real winner here?

(Photo: Sgt. Jarod Perkioniemi / U.S. Army)

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