Bird Swims Off Course To Foreign Land

The Loneliest Penguin?

Scientists are concerned a Magellanic penguin will face discrimination after wandering 3,000 miles away from Chile to Peru, where another breed of penguins call home:

The penguin, native to the Strait of Magellan region of Chile, swam all the way to Peru’s Paracas national reserve.

Scientists say they fear that the solitary Magellanic penguin may not be accepted by some of the area’s 4,000 Humboldt penguins.

Biologist David Orosco told AFP news agency that the native birds may even try to reject the penguin.

“Conditions in the park are not the ones it is used to. They usually seek out their own species, and it could suffer discrimination,” Mr Orosco said.

This poor bird isn’t the first creature to stray off course in recent days. A pair of whales are currently navigating away from San Francisco, where they’ve been swimming for about a week.

What does this all mean? Could it be that global warming’s throwing the world’s animals off track? Are we next? Will we be out cruising for men and end us with a woman? God help us all…