The Louis Vuitton Condom: Luxurious Anal Intercourse For Only $68

The unofficial Louis Vuitton condom not only comes with a $68 price tag, it also bears the trademark LV logo etched into its latex—that’s right, it’s monogrammed for his pleasure.

But seeing as we can’t find any place to actually purchase this legendary condom, we’re pretty sure it’s just a web joke. Looks like you’ll have to stick with the jimmies you swiped while the HIV clinician was looking up your syphilis results.

Via Bilerico

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  • greg

    It’s already poop color!

  • pierre

    It’s like coming into money!

  • Hyhybt

    Of course it’s a joke.

    A dollar more and they’d have to come in a two-pack.

  • Hyhybt

    Don’t you just hate it when you try to tell a joke, even one not really worthy of the name “joke” anyway, and mess it up?

    My previous post should have read “A dollar more and they’d come in pairs.”

  • Ron

    If you do a WhoIs search on the louisvuittoncondom domain, you’ll see it has a non-address in the Bahamas, and a search of the phone number shown for the domain will lead you here:

    I’m thinking this guy wanted to create a phishing site and was caught by the trending of the link before he could put in the fake credit check and/or shopping cart page.

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