The Louisiana House Prefers Its Orphans Raise Themselves

Meanwhile in Louisiana, a House Committee decided to uphold traditional marriage or something by deferring a bill that would have allowed non-biological and “second” parents to adopt.

Louisiana law allows for adoption by a legal relative, but the House bill would add “second parents” to the list of people who can petition for such adoptions. The bill doesn’t specify whether the second parent would be male or female, so it would allow both members of a same-sex couple to adopt a child for the first time.

Currently, if a same-sex couple in Louisiana adopts a child, only one parent can be recognized as the legal guardian. Lesbian mothers at the hearing testified that their children face the risk of not having both parents recognized in the event of a divorce, the death of the primary guardian or a medical emergency involving the child.

An interesting note: Rob Tasman, assistant director of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, says the church doesn’t sanction adoption to any unmarried couples, homosexual or heterosexual, because the church doesn’t approve of single-parent homes either. That’s right: this anti-gay measure has also effected unmarried heterosexuals who want to adopt, not to mention the thousands of orphans rotting in orphanages on the taxpayer dime.

Wouldn’t it be great if the orphans themselves wrote a joint statement that said, “We wanna get adopted. We don’t care if it’s a single mother, a single father, or a homo duo… just get us out of this hell hole.” Of course, the Catholics and anti-gay organizations would just say that someone taught them to write that; y’know because kids can’t think for themselves.