The Magical Argument From Catholic League’s Bill Donohue That Blames Gays For ALL EVIL

Does the Catholic League ever have anything wholesome to say? It must. After all, religious people are supposed to be good people. But then CL’s chief Bill Donohue hit up The 700 Club with Pat Robertson (they’re gay for each other) and covered everything from gay adoption to why the Catholic Church’s molestation problem is a gay problem. Oh, you say he’s got a new book to promote?

Donohue, who’s promoting his new tome Secular Sabotage (self-explanatory, yes?) has a great new catchphrase for the homos: “cultural nihilists.” Because we want to tear down America’s Judeo-Christian culture! And when those faggy culture nihilists aren’t trying to squash the word of Jesus, they’re trying to adopt kids. Assholes! Too bad, ’cause you wannabe gay parents are shit out of luck, ’cause “when it comes to [gays] adopting children … we’re not going to allow gay people to adopt children. That’s against nature. It’s against nature’s God. But they won’t stop.”

Know what, Bill? We really aren’t gonna stop.

But neither will your attacks. And misinformation campaigns. Like how you keep blaming homosexuality for why the Catholic priests molested all those little boys. Some of them may have been gay, but all of them were pedophiles and pederasts. Inside your church, fella.

Own up. God is watching.