The Magical Argument From Catholic League’s Bill Donohue That Blames Gays For ALL EVIL

Does the Catholic League ever have anything wholesome to say? It must. After all, religious people are supposed to be good people. But then CL’s chief Bill Donohue hit up The 700 Club with Pat Robertson (they’re gay for each other) and covered everything from gay adoption to why the Catholic Church’s molestation problem is a gay problem. Oh, you say he’s got a new book to promote?

Donohue, who’s promoting his new tome Secular Sabotage (self-explanatory, yes?) has a great new catchphrase for the homos: “cultural nihilists.” Because we want to tear down America’s Judeo-Christian culture! And when those faggy culture nihilists aren’t trying to squash the word of Jesus, they’re trying to adopt kids. Assholes! Too bad, ’cause you wannabe gay parents are shit out of luck, ’cause “when it comes to [gays] adopting children … we’re not going to allow gay people to adopt children. That’s against nature. It’s against nature’s God. But they won’t stop.”

Know what, Bill? We really aren’t gonna stop.

But neither will your attacks. And misinformation campaigns. Like how you keep blaming homosexuality for why the Catholic priests molested all those little boys. Some of them may have been gay, but all of them were pedophiles and pederasts. Inside your church, fella.

Own up. God is watching.

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  • Dick Mills

    All of the kid-fucking, and all of the lying liars who covered up the kid-fucking, and all of the weaselly weasel bishops who are responsible for catholic churches filing for bankruptcy in order to skip out on paying damages to the kids that the kid-fuckers abused… yea.. that can’t possibly be the fault of the kid-fucking priests. That must be MY fault. The lying liars get caught with their dicks in some little kids, and that is my fault. They can try to blame me for it as much as they wish, but I think that everyone properly places the blame squarely in the lap (pun intended) of the lying liar catholic church.

  • Clemburke

    Dick,,I guess I am not the only one that call catholic preist Kid Fuckers,,I used to say Pedioiphile’s,,but that sounded too pretty.

  • reluctantcommenter

    pat robertson looks like a reanimated corpse with a botched face lift, and bill donohue has no concept of normal volume. he’s yelling at you.all.the.time.

  • YellowRanger

    I love it when these knuckle-dragging imbeciles give the gays credit for anything and everything wrong with the world.

    It makes me feel powerful.

  • The Swimmer

    If these people ever get it their way, gays and lesbians will be herded like cattle into rail cars. We will be sent to the Bible Belt in the millions where the Christian Fascists will throw rocks at us, shout and cheer our demise. After that they will put us in big Evangelical CONCENTRATION CAMPS and exterminate us in the millions the way Hitler did to gays and Jews during the Holocaust.

    Let’s not forget, Germany was the most pro-gay progressive country in Europe in the early thirties right before Hitler took power. The first thing he did as Fuhrer was outlaw homosexuality and send gays to the concentration camps for experimentation and mass genocide.

    These people talk about us the same way the Nazis did about us and the Jews. We shall never forget the Holocaust, NEVER AGAIN!

  • jarvisbearcub

    Actually if you want to tear down a society, you go to the economy.

    And the church’s tax exempt status is threatened because of it’s own violation of the separation of church and state.

  • Aaron

    I can’t wait until these old fools croak over. It’s only a matter of time :)

  • TikiHead

    I love Kathy Griffin’s remark, that the Catholic League is one guy with a computer. That would be this blovihater.

  • Willie Hewes

    Wait, the man in the moon isn’t a Christian? *shock*

    It’s nice how he’s trying to pretend the scandal was about homosexuals, or even about pedophilia. I thought the scandal was about the fact that the church covered for them, because nobody in the church gave a shit about what was happening to these kids. Is heartlessness a homosexual problem too, Bill?

  • B

    TikiHead wrote, “I love Kathy Griffin’s remark, that the Catholic League is one guy with a computer.” Unfortunately, Kathy Griffin is wrong. According to this group’s membership is 350,000 (last known value but a few years old), and its revenue was $2,628,533 (2005 number). So it isn’t just one guy with a computer, even though that one guy makes a lot of noise. He may have a computer, but he also has a staff to help him.

  • zinc

    Nothing like seeing Bill Donoboohoohoo moan and bemoan about the world victimizing him and his people, Catholics make up for the largest Christian denomination in the world and I swear, listening to this guy makes you think they’re being lynched and segregated in every corner of the world.

    Completely oblivious, and showing this on the 700 Club (with Pat Robertson) was quite amusing

  • Azrael

    Yes, of course homosexuals are to blame for everything, after all they give birth to heterosexuals, dont they.

  • merkin

    I cant stand that the media gives this guy a platform. Kathy is right–he is a ONE-man operation. I begrudging accept that groups like NOM and the Southern Baptists are newsworthy because of their size and influence, but if I stood on a street corner and said the Danish were causing Armageddon, no one would pay me any mind.

  • TikiHead


    He has ninjas too.

  • TikiHead

    @B: 350,000 is the League’s own dubious estimate. Regardless, he’s a honorless twit.

  • B

    TikiHead “@B: 350,000 is the League’s own dubious estimate. Regardless, he’s a honorless twit.” That estimate was on the web site, and would have been called bogus if there were any evidence that someone was lying. Other earlier estimates were just slightly smaller. Once Donohue took over, the membership grew from roughly 11,000 to what it was today.

    If you read the wikipedia article, it was started in 1973. So, over 20 years, it managed to grow to 11,000 members. Then after Donohue took over, and it grew to the current number (the Wikipedia article claims the 350,000 number includes both paying and nonpaying members, but if you just include the paying members, you’d have about 230,000 paid members in 1999.)

    The reality is that anyone the board of directors thinks has increased membership (which means revenue from dues) by over a factor of 20 in 10 years is not going to be kicked out the door.

    You may not like Donohue (I don’t either), but when people try to pretend that he is in a one-man operation, it’s just plain silly. It’s also stupid – the classic mistake of underestimating the enemy. He does have a small media staff to help him and he’d also need a support staff to make sure that renewal notices are sent out and that they follow up if someone doesn’t send in a check.

  • Mark

    THE BIGOT AGENDA. These obsessed and ignorant souls are lost and worse. Their words and action are dangerous and evil- based on myths and fear. This country and the world move closer to equality and reality as these arrogant boobs pass on.

  • Robert, NYC

    The bigot Donohue stated some time ago, pedophilia = gay, a consenus among the roman cult’s hierarchy is of the same view. He never says a word about the straight molesters who were and are priests, some are bishops and cardinals. Just because more boys were molested is easy to figure out….there were far more of them available to these men. If the situation had been the reverse, Donohue wouldn’t even be discussing it. He’s a self-appointed watchdog for the roman cult in America. The Vatican claims his views are his own and not representative of the cult, what a load of baloney. Odd how it hasn’t shut him down.

    Another thing, he’s a fierce opponent of marriage equality but…is himself a divorced man now on his second marriage but he’ll probably tell you his first marriage was annulled.

    His Catholic League I might add is a 501c3 not for profit organization, what a joke. In 2006, his salary was over $342,000.00 and the League’s revenue just over $16,000.00. Go figure.

  • TikiHead

    The number is inflated. And how many of those donors are any way active? Whittle away at it some more (a lot more I would guess).

  • terrwill

    Bill Donohue has a very small penis (this is now my standard post for all these rightwing-nutbags when they slur the Gays)

  • terrwill

    ……some might even call it a micro-penis!

  • terrwill

    Though not as SMALL AS BUJU BANTONS!!

  • B

    TikiHead wrote, “The number is inflated. And how many of those donors are any way active?” … clueless question – the key word is “donor”. If Donohue’s only means of communication were hand-written letters written with a quill pen, you would have never heard of him.

    The reason this guy’s organization makes so much noise is that they have a multi-million dollar budget to support their operation. Do you think Donohue is daft enough to fund it out of his own pocket?

  • Michael vdB

    Everyone seems to need an enemy in order to make money. If those two gentleman had their way, we would be returned to the days of Inquisition.

    I find it intriguing that Christianity speaks of free will, but then the radicals try everything in order to suppress the idea of it. You cannot control free will so you go after the people that exercise it.

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