Late To The Party

The Man Who Gave Us DOMA Is Happy For Us Now

The man who signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law and then campaigned on it would like you to know how happy he is that its gone. In a joint statement with wife Hillary, former president Bill Clinton praised the Supreme Court ruling.

“By overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, the Court recognized that discrimination towards any group holds us all back in our efforts to form a more perfect union,” the Clintons said. “We are also encouraged that marriage equality may soon return to California.”

Both of the Clintons have been late to the marriage party. Bill only got around to saying DOMA should go last March, saying “it was a very different time” when he signed the law. (Yes, he was running for re-election then.) Hillary actually followed Bill a week and a half later with her formal endorsement of marriage equality, or nine months after Obama had finally evolved and after the Democrats include marriage equality in their platform. Not exactly pioneers, are they?