The Manhattan-Brooklyn Commute Is Much Better With A Stripper On Your Pole

Usually the L line has nothing but preening hipsters and panhandling hobos. But this car has a great body, swimsuit, and pair of heels just dying for a show. We’re sure the hipsters yawned and feigned disinterest as this hottie worked it, but we’re agog! Bryan Moylan adds, “The only really gross thing is that he’s rubbing his body all over that pole. Does he know where that pole has been?”

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  • markymaus

    Hawt! Can anyone confirm if this was this a flash mob thing or just spur of the moment, NYC style fabulousness?

  • CJ

    I’m sure that this will help advance gay rights. Not.

  • McMike

    @CJ: CJ, would you please get over your miserable self??? This was for a music video, not that it matters, but somehow I think you’d rather have every gay man wear nothing but a suit and tie and join their local chapter of the GOP. In other words, “kiss my proud and I’ll do whatever the f*ck I want gay ass”.

  • Zeus

    What the fuck was the point of this? Not to mention it could severely annoy people. I have been on the subway at least once and had some obnoxious people dancing/playing loud music right in front of me while I had a terrible headache. I’m pretty sure the subway isn’t supposed to be used as a space for performance. Stay in the station for that, or move to the 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica.

  • Rob Moore

    I wish MARTA would do that. I would park my car for good.

  • Tony

    Oh dear, I was afraid this would happen.

    Now everyone thinks they can stage a flash mob event. Even if they have clear talent of any sort.

  • bitterend

    flash mobs suck and there was absolutely nothing sexy about that nelly queen.

  • American Again

    That’s the fucking problem…gay men think they can do “anything they want” and have little or no repercussions. Sorry the world doesn’t work that way. Grow up dude. Some skinny homo bumping and grinding on a subway don’t do shit for gay rights…

  • sam

    @American Again: who the eff said this was for gay rights?

    it’s a guy doing a thing. I’d be mortified and annoyed if i was on that train but who really gives two sh*ts.

    All these in-the-closet-nellys need to calm down

  • Richard

    I love how bitter/cynical/generally negative about anything some people always sound on Queerty. The fact that a guy can do that without getting gay bashed is probably a good thing. I would have enjoyed it haha.

  • The Artist

    Oh he was just having a bit of fun! Would you rather he’d get a gun? Life’s short have a great time!!! PEACELUVNBWILDYAALL!

  • TJ

    WOW….he’s not think and all these anti gay words suck…repent and get a life BECAUSE GAYS DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK! Thx! Hillcrest San Diego! Amen and Hallelujah! KABBALAH MATTHEWSHEPARD MADONNALICIOUS

  • TJ

    meant he’s not thin….and if he was…gay men get so much pointless hate…wtf! anti-gay is so out! loveugodbless, t and j

  • jeff4justice

    Fun & cute. I thought the partiers in the background were even more fun to watch. I’m just jealous I’m not as in shape as that dude. But that’s not gonna stop this chunky homo from pole dancing.

    Regarding those who snidely opine “that’s not gonna help us get equal rights,” since when did the effort to attain equality become a matter of catering to sex phobia?

  • Ken S

    @American Again: here’s a revolutionary idea: maybe we can “do anything we want,” or at the very least as close to “anything we want” as straight people do all the time. Did his actions materially harm anyone? Was anyone hurt? Because if the only injury done was to some uptight, sex-repressive, puritan prude’s delicate sensibilities then whose problem, exactly, should that be? Why should we- or anyone, for that matter- have the ‘acceptable’ boundaries of behaviour dictated to us by the least free, least exuberant, least joyful, loudest complaining minority of the population in a democracy?

    Moreover, you assume the pole dancing guy’s gay. Why is that? Because he was able to dance in heels and obviously works out? Pray tell, what if he’s straight- then what happens to your whole snarky tirade? If he is straight then who will presume to say that he has no right whatsoever to ‘flaunt’ himself like that? Because I see straight people flaunt their sexuality all the time, it’s celebrated in the media everywhere, it’s “in my face” constantly. So where is the justice in your assertions against public displays of queerness without equally vehement condemnations of public displays of heterosupremacism?

    While I don’t quite have the moves or the body to dance in my undies on a subway, I would contend that ‘outrageous,’ ‘disruptive’ acts of queerness in the public sphere are essential to the advancement of our freedom (and not just ours but that of other subversive, marginalized minorities as well) because they demand equal liberty for the wild and free fags as for the buttoned-down and neutered homos. They demand real freedom to be non-conformist rather than just the lip-service equality that’s easy to give when differences are plastered over. “Fitting in” isn’t freedom. “Looking acceptable” isn’t liberty. If equality is worth anything it has to apply to the delinquents just as much as it does to the well-behaved, otherwise we’re just carving a minority out of the minority and becoming by degrees a party to our own oppression. Fuck collaboration and fuck complicity in the name of feigned acceptance- tyranny ought to be resisted until it’s overthrown, not bargained with.

  • jeff4justice

    Fun and cute. I thought the dancers in the background were even more fun to watch. I’m just jealous I’m not as in shape as that dude. But that’s not gonna stop this chunky homo from pole dancing.

    Regarding those who snidely opine “that’s not gonna help us get equal rights,” since when did the effort to attain equality become a matter of catering to sex phobia?

  • Ken S

    @jeff4justice: seriosuly. The bigots who resist equality for gay people don’t hate us because of pole-dancing on the subways, and abstaining from it won’t make a lick of difference in their attitudes towards us. They hate us because of what we do in private, and they always will, because they find gay sex repulsive and they can’t manage a disconnect between what they find viscerally unpleasant and what they find morally objectionable. Where a rational person might merely experience disgust, their oversensitive wiring registers condemnation. That’s why moderating our public behaviour will never curry any favour with them whatsoever- because they’ll still imagine men fucking other men in the ass, and their stomachs will turn, and their wretched unsophisticated little minds will imagine that their own discomfort must mean that we’re bad people.

    These are people that we shouldn’t pander to, because they will never be content to live and let life. Whenever they experience unpleasant feelings, their reflex will be to oppress- to identify a causative agency for their own discomfort and to punish it in the name of imagined righteousness. Such people can’t be reasoned with, can’t be placated or appeased, and they won’t leave us alone. Ever. They’ll imagine a reason to hate us even if we are completely passive and submissive to their deranged whims. So to hell with ’em, let the freak flags fly and lets outlive them by banding together with other ‘undesirables,’ so long as those alliances don’t cause harm to innocent people.

  • jason

    How do you know that the pole-dancing guy was gay? He may not be gay at all. Stop making assumptions about a person’s sexual attractions based on their ability to pole-dance.

    It never ceases to amaze that gay people are the first to jump to conclusions about other people’s sexuality based merely on the way they look.

  • George412

    Stupid and so starved for attention.

    If the subway came to a screeching halt I’m sure these people would be the firt to sue the city. Sit the F down.

  • ZT

    Stupid. The pole dancer is okay, but anybody who rides the subway knows sometimes you’re not in the mood for jerks who can’t control themselves and have to do a noisy dance in a confined space.

  • ~PR~

    @ZT: actually… this was controlled. It was for a music video.

  • ragou

    Wait, don’t kids ride that thing?

  • ZT

    ~PR~ : If that’s the case…okay, then. (The people sitting in the car were just extras for the film?)

  • Ken S

    @ZT: Wait, what? If it’s just someone doing it for the love of what they’re doing, or for fun, then it’s “stupid”; but if it’s for a music video then it’s “ok?” What is it about the making-a-video context that renders acceptable an action that otherwise is apparently unacceptable? Why do music video makers apparently have greater freedoms- or more legitimacy in how they exercise them- than everybody else?

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