The Manspreading Epidemic Has Finally Been Explained By Doctors

THSmith-0023It’s an exposé that you’ve long waited for, particularly if you live in a city with mass public transit where it’s become a problem of epidemic proportions. We’re referring to man-spreading, of course, or in laymen terms: a guy who takes up too much room on the subway or bus by spreading his legs wide in order to accommodate what we can only assume are his massively large balls. Men have actually been arrested for this. It’s that problematic. Now thanks to a dedicated team of researchers we now have a greater understanding and our sympathies have shifted. These poor men have been diagnosed with a genetic condition known as “manspreaditis,” which causes them to walk with their legs permanently divided past the point of comfort. So next time you see one of these poor unfortunates, show some sympathy instead of scorn and shift over.

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Understand more about this pandemic by watching this video and then scroll down for more photographic evidence of the poor afflicted souls.