The Many Perks Of Being Gay


Historically, living as an out and proud gay person has come with its fair share of hardship, and those challenges haven’t vanished entirely.

But if you can manage, as many do, to carve out a space in the world where you’re surrounded by those who accept you for who you are, being gay can be, for lack of a better word, pretty fabulous.

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Below, guys on Whisper share what they perceive to be the best perks of playing for the gay team:

Being a gay man I actually love that I can express emotion freely. I don

I love that I

The best part about being gay is how much fun I have. I feel like I

My favorite thing about being a gay man is having genuine relationships with women. We don

I love being gay because when I have a bf I essentially double my wardrobe

I love being gay because guys give you what you want all the time

The best thing about being gay is the versatility. I can play football with my buddies in the morning and then go home and get excited about whatever new Chick-Flick is coming out w/ no shame/pressure

Being gay is awesome - not enough people get told this. It

I love that I

I like being gay because guys don

Perks of being gay: you can split the bill on a date without any of you looking cheap

I like being gay. Being in a gay relationship feels like you

Best part about gay sex is no one is getting pregnant

The best part of being gay is the community honestly. I feel like when I

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