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The Mathematics Behind Gays Spreading Gossip

The Regulars Comic, from Karl Hampe, is published every Friday on Queerty.

The Regulars Comic is a fun, snarky take on what might happen if a gay, urban attorney burn-out wound up running a coffee bar. It’s an irreverent weekly, web-based look at the silly, sexy, and enraging clash between gay pride and daily prejudice. Visit for more.

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  • bell

    And the transitive property?

  • Alex Bell

    First it was the telegraph. Then the telephone. Now it’s telegay.

  • Sceth

    I suppose “commutative” was too hard to work with.

  • Matt

    Aw, I was hoping for an actual math joke.

  • jeff

    Is that supposed to be funny or interesting?

  • Michael

    @jeff: Yes. Anything that is untrue is supposed to be funny and interesting.

  • Traffy

    I am sorry, but this kid, wonderful and talented in many was as he is, cannot draw, and lacks the pacing to make a comic strip. But I guess some people will take whatever gay comic they can get… I just wish we didn’t have to settle for garbage.

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