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The Meaningless CPAC Poll That Says Arguing Over Gay Marriage Is Meaningless

At CPAC, the annual conference for right-leaning types who want to mingle with Rachel Maddow, attendees were asked a whole slew of questions in a straw (read: non-scientific) poll that will, for the next 48 hours of the blog news cycle, act as the arbiter of what conservative Americans are thinking about this very second. How seriously should we take the poll’s results? Not very: Ron Paul(!) scored the most votes for the Republican presidential nomination, ahead of the much-more-likely-in-real-life Mitt Romney. But hey, they asked folks about gay marriage, so let’s see what CPACkers said.

Not much. Just one percent of them said “stopping gay marriage” was among their priorities, and it appears the battle only made anyone’s second most important priority.

So how’d this poll get so skewed? By letting the kiddies vote in disproportionate numbers. Some 48 percent of the poll’s respondents were students.

Damn Ivy League liberals.