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The Meaningless Marriage Support From New York’s Former Leading Senate Republican

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Just in time for absolutely nothing, former New York State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has some out in favor of same-sex marriage. Too bad he can’t vote any more and help clear up the clusterfuck that is the New York Senate. In typical fashion of out-of-office politicos, Bruno’s position on gay marriage has, ahem, evolved. Though he once called being gay an “abnormal lifestyle,” he’s now taking the “personal freedom” position and wants us to live in matrimonial bliss, too!

While inoffice, Bruno only stood against same-sex marriage because “the overwhelming majority of my caucus opposed it” — which is always a solid reason to discriminate. Also, his views as a staunch conservative Roman Catholic influenced his decision to hate on homos during his Senate years, which ended last summer. Nevermind that Bruno is no longer a member of the Senate — he’s also under federal corruption charges.

So, uh, thanks for the support?