The Men of MySpace: We Need Your Submissions


How often do we call on you, our fair readers, to help us out? Okay, perhaps daily — asking you to continue visiting Queerty every damn day is a pretty big favor to lay out there, but damnit, our paychecks aren’t going to sign themselves. All that aside, we need your help in finding the most attractive – good looking, good personality, good friends, good musical tastes, good MySpace page personalization, and did we mention, good looking? – guys on MySpace. Forget their age (though we know how MySpace skews), race, chest hair to head hair ratio, and number of piercings. Just show us who your favorites are. They can be your friends. Your brothers. The kid you picked on in sixth grade. Hell, you can nominate yourself if you’re that maniacally big-headed. Grab the link to the guy’s MySpace page and send it along to us at (please don’t leave links in the comments; they’ll be ignored). It might help if you gave us a few superlatives about the person, and let’s get more creative than “good kisser.” Especially if you’re nominating yourself.