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The Military Is Not Some Workplace Experiment Like Casual Fridays

Have you guys heard of this Stephen Colbert person? He seems to know a lot about how the military works! Just like John McCain, the man who never made a single military decision without giving the entire armed forces a chance to weigh in. I’m pretty sure that’s how the Marines came up with their slogan “The few. The proud. The Marines.” Everyone gets a say!

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  • Cam

    Funny, I don’t recall McCain polling the Military when he decided NOT to vote for bringing their benefits and the GI bill back up to the levels that they got waaaay back in the 1950’s.

    So McCain will check with everybody before voting on everything…unless it deals with their ability to live and take care of their families without going on food stamps aparently.

    Does McCain EVER tell the truth about ANYTHING?!

  • Ross

    McCain is just an old troll that needs to retire already.

  • Red Meat

    “I hope the guy who saved my ass was not saving it for later” LMAO

  • JohnnyTrue

    McCain is a blithering idiot. He got his wish and they conducted a poll. Now since he doesn’t like the results – he changes the rules. At least we have Colbert and John Stewart out there lampooning the haters.

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