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The MoMA Art Exhibit That’s Turning Into a Night of Go-Go Boys at Splash

At “The Artist Is Present,” an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York that’s part of a Marina Abramovic retrospective, performers stand naked on display for visitors, staring at each other while immobile. Apparently the sight of naked men and women in a public setting has given some attendees reason to think they’re there for the touching. One 30-year MoMA member had his membership revoked for groping a male performer. Then there are the men who push their (clothed) erections into the performers’ hands. But don’t patrons know the golden rule of museums? Never, ever touch the art.

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  • Addyboo

    I saw more revealing pictures on FOX News. Can someone rectify this posthaste?

  • j

    Is this pap still being passed off as art? Really when damien hirst actually tries (badly) to paint his own art (francis bacon called, he wants that shite he drew when he was thirteen years old back) you know that they heyday of this “conceptual” bullshit has long since passed.

  • RiverQueen

    I guess this might be interesting if you can see the whole picture, not just the immobile nudes, but the reactions of the observers, and how it all plays together.
    It makes me think of John Cage’s piece where there was no music, but the white noise created by the audience. (Was it called “Silence’?) This seems like it is more confrontational in that it puts the viewer face to face with his/her ideas/feelings/discomforts connected to sexuality/nudity.

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