Exclusive: The Moon Baby is "Flawless" in New Music Video Premiere

the moon baby – Flawless

Hi hi hi,

It’s me, the moon baby, and the year is 2000 and 15! Moi and my filmmaker pal Mario Ashlar collaborated on a music video for my EP, urallpoor.us, which my eternal babe-friend Wise Blood produced. We drink together. The whole film is called blowjob.gif and it’s premiering at the New York City Porn Film Festival. But first, I wanted to give a nice, SFW treat to my good girlfriend Dragaholic, and HERE SHE IS!

It’s like, me, goddess, birthed onto the shores of Pittsburgh, America, wherein I xxxplore my new human surroundings including my most favorite bar in the werld, Blue Moon! The video was made through the help of oodles of Pittsburgh poodles: Cherri Baum did production, Bebe Beretta did hair and Aurora Borealis crafted nailz. If you head to urallpoor.us, you can download my ep and view another music video from the EP (but it is like. super nude so b ware 🙂 Enjoy enjoy enjoyyy!

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