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The More Fags a Fag Hag Has, The More Likely She Is to Feel Good About Herself?

Researchers asked 154 heterosexual women to count the number of gay male friends they have, as well as quantitatively score their own body image and sense of attractiveness, and list their romantic relationships over the past two years to gauge their own dating lives. “The results were analyzed to test the common assumption that women befriend gay men because they have poor body esteem and feel unattractive to straight men,” writes Scientific American‘s Jesse Bering. “If this were true, the authors reason, then there should be a meaningful statistical association between a woman’s number of gay male friends and her body esteem and relationship success—in other words, the more pathetic a woman’s romantic life and the more she sees herself as being undesirable to straight men, the more she should seek out gay men as friends. But the data revealed otherwise. In fact, with this sample at least, there was absolutely no link between a woman’s relationship status, the number of times she’d been on the receiving end of a breakup, or her body esteem and the number of gay male friends in her life.” Does that mean straight women with a lot of gay male friends actually fare better in life?

The study found “the more gay male friends that a woman had, the more sexually attractive she found herself.” But also: “The longer that a woman has been friends with her closest gay male friend, the lower her perceived sexual attractiveness.” Which means hot girls either surround themselves with hot guys who happen to be gay, or gays laud their fag hags with so many compliments it helps these women perceive themselves to be attractive — a connection that may prove harmful to the lass over an extended period of time.

Either way, our work is done. We made you feel better about yourself, and now we’re going to leave you sitting in the corner with your iPhone while we cruise the bar.

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