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The Mormon Church’s Normalization Television Campaign That Happens to Be Running In Swing States

Is the Mormon Church’s new television campaign “I’m A Mormon” a way to prepare America for a Mitt Romney presidential run? Or just a way to remind us that the anti-gay religious outfit has sleeper cells all across America?

Kidding. This writer doesn’t have a problem with Mormons, just the anti-gay ones and the institution. (Really, believe whatever scripture you want. It’s your fantasy land.) But I am very curious about the ads popping up in random, medium-sized TV markets like Colorado Springs, Pittsburgh, Rochester, and Minneapolis. (The ads aren’t online, but are cut from the same cloth as these videos.) Salon‘s Alex Pareene notes the ads are popping up in swing state markets, lending credence to the theory they’re just a foundation for Romney’s normalization strategy, but the church refutes the notion.

Fine. But put something out like this, and it’s gonna go viral. Enter the spoofage: