The Most Erotic Shaving Ads You’ll Ever See (From Big Corporations)

We’re sort of in love with how men’s grooming labels are finally getting hip to the idea that guys care just as much about taking care of their nether regions as the ladies. That dudes like to manscape isn’t new; it’s just that we never had pop culture-ready talking points like “landing strip” and “Brazilian” to throw around. But now two mainstream shaving companies are taking a not-so-tongue-in-cheek approach to marketing their hair removal wares to the masses.

Both Gillette (above) and Nivea (below) are engaged in relatively new ad campaigns focusing on the hair down there. Nivea, in fact, has an entire website tutorial devoted to teaching men the proper way to remove body hair, from your face to your chocha.

Of course Nivea gets more points for using an actual (hot) guy to demonstrate; Gillette’s spot doesn’t exactly make us want to run out and buy a new razor.

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