The Mystery of Cherry Jones’ Bizarre Emmy Nomination Withdrawal

Last year, the lesbian actress Cherry Jones won the Emmy for best supporting actress in a drama for 24. This year, she could’ve been up for the award again for her part as President Allison Taylor, in which she’s appeared in more than 40 episodes. But she pulled her own name out of the running. What gives?

Fox says you’ve got to ask Jones, since the network only submits its shows for overall awards, while actors (and their agents) submit themselves for individual accolades. Might there be some bitter relations, then, between Jones and producers of 24? An earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly, among other places, suggests some animosity. Namely, that Jones felt the character sucked, if we may be so blunt.

And in a note to, Jones offers a vague non-answer that doesn’t reveal much, but does act to smooth things over (at least publicly) between she and 24‘s producers.

I love and adore everyone I worked with on 24 and am actively missing them. I relished playing poor old Allison Taylor’s descent into Logan Hell. Like all actors on 24 who realize their characters are being sent to the Dark Side, I resisted at first and then of course realized what a seductive playground the Dark Side presents for a dramatic actor.

This job has offered me time with my elderly parents, given me new lifelong friends, a bank account, and the memory of last year’s Emmy night which was one hell of a delicious ride. So honestly it never occurred to me (or my two dear agents who know me well) to submit me this year. One of the lessons in life is to know when to leave well enough alone and be grateful.

I will however be watching the Emmy’s from New York this year and rooting for all my 24 team and the other actors I’ve had the pleasure to get to know in Hollywood during my West Coast baptism.

O … K …

See? Doesn’t explain much. But it does raise a few possibilities about the move, including the chance that her agent or manager submitted her name for Emmy contention (these awards are as much for the handlers as they are for the talent), and she demanded it be taken back after she found out. Either way, Jones still has an Emmy on her mantle. But aren’t you only as good as your last accolade?